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Doubtful. my ex is dating a drug dealer that

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In honour of my friend Ms AB, who has just experienced a large fall from grace after her adventures. These are not necessarily ideal traits in a boy friend. It can also help if you take care of your own needs but again if you buy through him you may just give to the pot and not get goods directly and going through someone else may also cause problems. Whether you want to know or not you should make sure you are aware of the market value of goods you consume. You are probably getting things that are better than street value, this can also cause health and addiction problems.

The US higher educational system has pushed them into such a situation Neither deals anymore. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. ForeverAloneeeeeeeee Xper 2. I know of girls who've gotten rich from being partnered with a drug dealer. Even after the cops take the cash away.

Not all dealers are surrounded by violence either. So it need not be dangerous. Lax4life Xper 5. Why would you want to date some guy that will most likely go to jail or get shot out on the streets?

very talented person

I probably could, if I was oblivious to the fact. However depends on what drugs, weeds all good. Arwens-Fire Master. I don't support drugs so I couldn't deal with someone selling them regardless of how nice he may be.

Kain6th Xper 3. Nope, that is not the lifestyle I would want at all. No matter how great she was At some point we would clash in what we'd ultimately would want out of life. Absolutely not, idgaf if he has a bomb personality, I'm sure's there's plenty of others with good personalities that aren't drug dealers.

Smoking is enough of a turn off for me so thinking about dating a drug dealer is just lol worthy. SillyGse Xper 6. If it's only weed or anything else that's just "for fun", why not. No, but wait Let me check I hope I didn't loose it Thank goodness I haven't lossed my mind yet. You lose your mind sometime. TouchTheSky Explorer. Next question keep date him when he is in jail or dead? But also let me clarify. I am horrible at being punctual to my clients and even my close homies.

I enjoyed your comment and agreed with your advice. You seem like dream boy. Thanks for putting our hopes up! He was good at what he does. He laid on the charm and made me feel like I was the only woman on earth. He was the first man to ever make me feel comfortable with my own body, I was sexy and desirable. We were friends before lovers and I did fall so hard and fast in love with him. I loved him more than I have ever loved anyone. I was his ride or die he said.

Got introduced to the guys, clients we were inseparable until two weeks ago. He was gone till wee hours of the morning. He was cheating on me and had been the whole time of our relationship.

I was devastated even tried to commit suicide to stop the pain of him being out of my life. I gave him everything. I was fine with his line of work all I wanted was to be at his side. I want to know why things changed so suddenly.

My ex is dating a drug dealer

I was his Queen at first then I was nothing. He says he has love for me but not the extent I love him and he is in love with the other female. This was a helpful little article. I have dated AND been a drug dealer.

I can honestly say that this article is basically true. My current beau is a DD and he is all of the above. Then why am I with him? The excitement really. I hate boredom and being the girlfriend and ex dealer of a drug dealer is constantly entertaining.

They also tend to be major douches towards their girls to. I too was in a relationship with a DD I was. He pick me up from work late or sometimes not at allhe would disappear for days. I found out by mistake n I was so hurt by it allAnd he was making videos with themAll Thoses woman he cheated on me with.

I know exactly how you feel. I am also an ex dealer, and have dated a few dealers. I have my preference because my common sense assured me of the bs I that comes with it. He was always secretive I never knew his real name and age. I look nothing like the other girls he use to met with. We all flip kilos for a living in our hispanic culture.

I never treat women with dis respect ever. Women arnt attracted to a hard head drug lord. But if you know how to change your personality with your gf vs clients then your the greatest supplier in tha world. Also girls are all attracted to me as a bad boy every girl wants a bad-boy whos rich think about everything posted above and youl be a genus.

True the phone does ring a lot. But I come first. He also used so he stole from me and hit me. This is hell. When I left he had me replaced by a client. This story is so confronting. Most points you are spot on.

I really want to quit but my whole social life is also centered around the business Greets from Amsterdam. Ive never actually caught him hut he is being really shady. Or he invites me out with them then changes his mind.

I finally called him out on it and he said no but then asked if it was a dealbreaker for me, and what kind of drugs were a dealbreaker for me and when i said pot wasnt a hig deal he started defending all drugs. Lets just say he is done. The lies are too much. Oh yeah and when leaves for couple hours at night he is telling me that he is going to a pretty bad area in the city to hang with his friend.

He has more anger lately too. I have been suspecting lately my bf of seven years is a drug dealer. At first I was upset bc I thought he was cheating on me, I think he has once or twice with what I now believe to be customers.

final, sorry

This is interesting to me bc I am more respectable than most of his friends and the other women he knows simply bc I have a stable job in a field he and others consider respectable. I do believe him, but he makes no effort to marry or move our commitment further. His children also never visit at his house. Do you think this is all an effort to hide those he cares about from his dd life? I can clearly see that the person who has written this article has watched yo many movies and never even met a drug dealer.

End it. I just ended a almost 10 month relationship with a dealer. Business and friends will always be more important. Trust me I worried day and night about him. One day he forgot to take it in the bathroom with him n it just kept ringing so I picked it up to take it to him there was a picture of him naked with a woman giving him oral sex I was shocked and she kept calling. So I looked at his phone and I looked at his contact info. I went to his message and found out when he was picking me up late from work it was because he was doing oral sex on his clients So I put his phone back down andI never confronted him bout it I waited.

The last straw was he gave me STD. I thought it suppose to be the other way around. Yeah thats pretty fucking weird lmfao. Personally, trading any kind of product for any kind of sex is basically just flushing money down the toilet. And thats pretty fucking weird seeing how he had a girlfriend. These numbers are in fact true.

I have been involved with a dealer for a few months now. He also at least has the curtesy to not involve me,though the paths occasionaly cross. It is a very odd relationship but works for us.

My ex-girlfriend left me for a drug dealer. What should I do?

You are so right mine started mentally abusing me. He became jealous and mean he was very controling and arrogant I left him. But my girl only smokes weed and I never pressure her to do any of my hard product. But the way I treat my best friends and my girlfriend compared to the drug fiend junkies I serve are completely different. You are a absolutely right! Plus he works out and take shots. So you know how the juice head shit goes. I always thought he used ppl just so he can get off clean from anything!

He tries to have so much ppl on his side and is allergic to the word NO! Yup - possessive and controlling of everything including their women. We are more than best friends to this day, as he is the most caring, loving, and faithful guy to the girl he loves. The image that he puts on is merely a fake image, not all of them are arrogant and selfish.


Can anyone tell me what reason a drug dealer would have that would force them to have to marry someone?. I recently got involved with a DD. He is an immensely sweet person, however I already know that the relationship will not last. He is a Meth addict who has been clean for nine months, however I understand that he will not be clean forever.

He only sells pot, which I am luckily okay with. The funny thing is that we get along so well even though I have never had even a sip of alcohol in my life, much less marijuana or drugs. Is it worth my time to have fun with him for now and just go my separate way in a few months or a year or should I just cut my losses now?

Thank you for your honesty and help. Do not be niave. Get out nowmine also was a meth user he started smoking it. And he changed he started mentally abusing me and he stayed angry all the time and I got out. Been with mine for 7 years. BUT we were also broke. These are the days of our lives. Ugh just reading all these comments make me feel so happy im not the only girlfriend of a DD that feels like this! He never ever made me feel like that before. He also called me a hypocrit because I take drugs too, I disagree!

I felt just like you doand then came the cheating part and we talked about ithe said it part of the game and he promised to stop because he seen how bad it hurts me Well 4 weeks ago I found out he still doing it and actually ishaving a affair with one of them.

I dated a DD, very short time, I found kind, paid attention to me, first I stressed over age difference, I am considerably older. Was wanting find info in hope he would want a law abiding life if he met the right person. I desperately wish he would realize in a other cts his potential and what a great life he could have not selling.

My biggest fear, it consuming him and me getting into trouble, guilty by association. Im usually at work, I questioned him having a decent amount of money. IT is the only reason I pushed him away, sigh.

I am a nurseI date a drug dealer for 3 years now. We even have our names tattooed on eachother so the love was there arc some point. Yes, it was glamorous and the money is lovely but no amount of money is worth losing my kids or a job I love. I just feel he may have thought I was a different type of person than I am, and now it would best to separate, just very. All of this is true. Currently all of the traffic swarming inside of our house is ridiculous.

It sucks wanting to just hang out at home and sit and have a nice dinner when there are always interruptions and also people testing out the drugs inside in front of you. It gets uncomfortable as well as hard to be around.

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Me being an ex cocaine addict. Also my boyfriend has temper problems, used to be dangerous and now settled down.

I left. I got into a relationship with my good friend, we are coming up on a year mark of being together. I just found out he has gotten into amphetamines while he has been on this job, reason being to stay awake for the long hours and to cope with the stress of being away from home.

He has used drugs and dealt in the past, he now just wants to come back buy a gun and deal again. Whereas before, he had wanted to continue the honest living and have us move in together. I tend to be very caring and take care of the people I love and I genuinely love him. Already I have noticed changes, communication is a lot less, when there is he is in a bad mood or experiencing anxiety, when I call his phone goes straight to voicemail-a distance is forming. He has been asking if I can take it onthe fact he wants to deal againfrom what I learned in love, a woman stands behind her man.

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I have been a dealer 7 years and was in a relationship for the last 4. She liked that I was home all the time, could buy her a car and diamonds and go out for dinner every night, and when we would party, there was never a shortage of dope, we got free shit all the time, respected anywhere we went in town like Henry Hill from from. I trust him, I feel safe around him. He always puts my needs first and is a gentlemem. Is that the kind of man I want to be with and confine in? I have no doubts that in the future he would support me, even a family perhaps.

Could this really work?

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You know what doll, if you are happy then stay with him! He has changed for the best as I knew him before he was a dealer. See how it goes and if he still treats you like a queen then stay with him!

with you

He was in love with me and i am wifey but he cheats like all the time so Im just over it. I hate when hes gone for long periods of time. He get kidnapped, and people text my phone saying they are gonna kill him mind you this is long distance so its like what am I to do.

I want to know though, the way I met him was pure fluke. Is this him testing me or does he take our relationship very serious? He constantly contradicts himself.

Or will I get used to it? He treats me like a queen and keeps his business separate from family life. I have only ever had one complaint about what he does and he took what I said into consideration. He is a great boyfriend and has been there for me through everything. I think it depends on the person rather then the business. I feel your comment. He treats me with much respect and always puts me first. Its almost like he worship the ground I walk on.

So I may have to leave the relationship and put me and my daughter first. I as well have a great job. Ive been trying to find someone who understood! He travels majority of the time and i cant talk to him as much and it drives me crazy. He is an avid poker player and comes to my job which is a casino and stays at the hotel weeks at a time when he isnt out and when i say i get so irritated trying to keep his attention and focus!!!

Now in a few weeks ill have him all to my self for a week for vacation birthday trip but im nervous. But the crazy thing about this whole situation is my grandparents like him my mom and my friends but i just cant shake that worry girlfriend syndrome.

I just have to say thank you for posting this it helps me during rough times all these are true except mine is Johnny on the spot more like a family man and lives a double life.

Her Story: Inside the Life of A Drug Dealer's Girlfriend My sit down conversation with a young girl whose careful words and chilling memories paint the picture of what it's really like to date a drug dealer in Surrey (note: names have been excluded for privacy protection). Mar 22,  ? asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating 1 decade ago. My ex-girlfriend left me for a drug dealer. What should I do? She was 18, I was I was sober. She came off as being someone who didn't party very much, just drank and smoked a little bit of weed. Today she's 20 and I'm Apr 16,   10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer The beginning eventually they change im dating my drug dealer and he supplied me for 6 months daily than they will control you for the drug than they will make you want to get off the drug bc it's all about the money they may say for your health but they do it in the beginning as a.

This is so true to a t. This has helped me a lot I wish there was more Every time I feel bad or lonely or second priority I read this and it makes me feel better my boyfriends a great man a family man just lives a double life. I guess my question isis there more I can read up on like this this is the only article that is right on point. I have been in a relationship with a DD for one year and I am head over heels in love. Enlighten me - perhaps it will bring me to my senses and give me the wake up call I need.

Sad, but true. If he made a mistake or is being framed for something that was done such as an ambush on a delivery, or a robbery etc they flee because they are going to suffer.

The issue is, their loved ones including you are now in danger as well. My boyfriend was being framed for an incident before he got out of the streets and was acting super weird, turns out he was contemplating fleeing and staging a fight with me.

Thank God it was sorted out and he was fine. This article is spot on. When I met my boyfriend he was highly ranked in the drug dealing industry with royal and respected blood in his veins. Everyone knew his family. He was in prison more than once. Turns out in the end it was all for that. Then there is also the fact that you are now an accessory to the game.

If something goes wrong for him and he is in trouble you are officially in danger. He paid his dues and was given honorable leave with promised protection from the big boss whoever that may be, that is just what I call him.

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My boyfriend is a dd and we had starte ddating 3 weeks ago and im kind of scared bc i know nothing about that life and im learning pretty quick. He seems nice but i know that will all change eventually like today he had asked me to give addicts that i see with marks on there arms his number.

My thinking was dangerous and my insecurities were so deep I was willing to settle for being the girlfriend of a drug dealer. Clearly, I needed to work on my self-worth. I found out my ex was a pretty well-known dealer in the state but I haven't heard from him since. I wonder every now and then what he's up to, but I'm so grateful he let. Feb 18,   If you love drama with unknown consequences well this is a fine idea to deliver just that. The police are not here to help you you must remember this first and foremost. Calling the cops in on anything is just inviting a Pandora's Box of unknown. first of all drug dealer is somebody dealing big stuff not just here and there and 2nd once a drug dealer joins and starts dealing is really hard you can say imposable to get out of that life drug dealers once their in there's no way out and yes some drug dealers are cool but honestly you wouldn't wanda married one is a very hard life they cant settle down like normal families they .

He is controlling and i want to end the relationship but im scared. Anyone have advice on life after drug dealing? Can someone change? A year ago he moved cities to start a new life and business, but he still displays most of these characteristics listed here.

Can someone change from this lifestyle? I love my boyfriend so much but this hustling thing has to stop! I have dreams of my own and I really want him to be in my path but the drugs has to GO. All 10 points were pretty accurate, and it takes a certain type of woman to be able to date a DD. Yes, excitement never ends, but you have to be prepared for anything that comes up whatever it may be.

My ex who I was with for almost 4 years was a higher up DDsold only amounts in Pounds. It took a while for me to adjust into the lifestyle. Trust is more important than money in this game. I never did any of the drugs, except for pot I would smoke once a while when the good stuff comes in. He was very respectful and sweet to me.

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So glad I came across this page! I also happen to be the girlfriend of a DD. My story: I have known him since I was 10 years old. We grew up together and even went to the same church as well where I met him ironically as the years went by we saw less due to different schools, later he drops out.

I moved to Florida for college and came right back after freshmen year to be with family and friends. Clearly, I needed to work on my self-worth.

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