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Still dating someone same birthday with you

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Dear Elsa,. Is this a good match? How often does this happen? This does not happen very often although I see people born within a week of each other fairly frequently. For me, it would be a terrible match because I want someone odd and unusual.

Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin?

Overanalyzing the relationship can also make it wither on the vine. Plant a garden or do yoga together and you'll bring out the best in each other.

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This can be a lovely union - you're both attuned to pleasing the other person and cultivating balance and fairness. The danger, though, is that you'll stay too superficial - projecting a beautiful image of love while resentments seethe below the surface.

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You'll have to be willing to rock the boat a bit so this match can come into its full potential. Passion, danger, intrigue Maybe too much so.

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Trust is the crucial ingredient that makes this match work. If one or both partners are suspicious or jealous, you're in for a rocky ride.

It's essential to share your deepest feelings in this union, but don't bonk the other person over the head with them, or you'll spur resentment. Here's a fun match! You'll be kayaking and motorcycling together to your hearts' content.

Your strong opinions can lead to spirited discussions, but you're both okay with that. Real trouble looms when one of you wants a commitment and the other prefers to stay footloose. A higher spiritual purpose can keep you together. You might not think this would be a great romantic match, since both of you are hard-headed realists.

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Yet that very practical nature lets you appreciate who the other person really is, devoid of illusions. You can be yourself in this relationship. Just don't let your worldly ambitions or need for status take precedence over a nurturing home life.

Aquarians are very open-minded, and can tolerate or even enjoy! Ask here! Also, please include your location. It adds a layer of interest! They were both Leos. She was the egomanical, dramatic, high maintenance kind and he was oddly a very shy and quiet Leo.

It could be a different experience for someone else though. I have a theory that the sign that most gravitates toward like is Cancer.

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First, I know more Cancer-Cancer married couples than any other 5. I think it would depend on the individuals.

Dating someone same birthday

Well my theory has not been scientifically tested these are just the same-sign couples in my sphere! Inadvertently briefly dated several over the years, same month and day as me, but the year varied.

Always same result though-I found them very, very, very predictable, and that was SO boring.

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But, I am an Aries. But Danielle, that means they were Aries, too, no? I am an Aries and was married to an Aries and have many Aries friends, I must say I have yet to meet a predictable, boring one yet.

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I know a couple who have the same birthday, but they were born different years. I see two Cancers being happy and cozy and comfortable for a long time.

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I agree with Elsa, it would probably have to be analyzed on a case by case basis, but if Cancer Woman is feels good about it, then why not? I found the things that irritated me about him are the things that I do myself. It was kind of like looking in the mirror and having my faults pointed out daily. Not good. Your individual life lessons? Hi ther, i have a bf who have the same birthday with me but different year we r LEO, there is alot of strange things happen between us, well it is very unique to me because whenever im busy working then same goes to him, if i got problem i dont why he also got problem, if im having my menstrual then he is the one whos very moody.

It happens all the time.


Whatever happen to me there must be something similar happen to him also. Now he is in london and im in one of the country in asia so the time zone is hugely different, now there is another strange problem happen between us. I have to ask him to wait for me to wake up in the morning 1st before he go to sleep at night in london because whenever he go to sleep while im sleeping then all of sudden i will be awake. If he sleep thats mean he wake me up.

Its strange things right? Just wanna share with you all about my experience. I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months now. We were born on NOv 9, two hours apart time zone difference.

He has the same name as my real father, is a sleep tech while i study dreams. It goes without saying that you'll have a lot in common.

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Most obviously, your sun signs are the samemeaning your general personalities, strengths, and weaknesses will be pretty similar - which is kind of a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you probably share a lot of core values and tend to be on the same page for what you want to do on the weekends. On the other, you may enable your shared bad habits: An all-Aries couple might fuel each other's competitive nature, while two Cancers might convince each other it's totally fine if they never leave the house.

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Either way, sharing a sun sign with your partner means really knowing them - warts and all - and isn't that important in any LTR? But, the similarities don't end with the sign you read your horoscope for.

If you and your partner were to compare birth chartsyou'd find that almost all of your planetary placements are the same, too. Given their association with love, feelings, and overall compatibilityyour moon and Venus signs are especially noteworthy.

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Where sharing the latter fuels your initial attraction to one another, the former deepens your long-term emotional bond. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Same Astro Sign, Same Birthday as your mate? Whats the Significance. What is the astrological significance of dating someone with the same birthday? This is a cute coincidence, especially in romantically involved couples - but it has no greater astrological significance than if the partners did not share the same birthday, I'm afraid. Apr 21,   Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin? Posted on April 21, by Elsa April 21, Dear Elsa, I am dating a man who's birthday is the same day, same month and same year as mine. Is this a good match? How often does this happen? Cancer Woman. I'm dating someone who is exactly one year younger than myself (both July 19th).

But, keep in mind that we said that you'll share almost all of your placements with your S. Where you're likely to differ is in your respective rising signs and Mercury signssince these two parts of your chart move through the signs at a quicker pace than, say, the moon or Venus.

Nov 22,   Same Birthday Synergy Attraction? Filed in RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY. I'm super curious about this, as i'm dating a man with the same birthday, born exactly 1 year, 12 hours before me. I'm not sure if he was born in the same city or the town an hour away where he grew up. I was in a car crash with someone with same birthday many. And Dating Someone With The Same Birthday I have no hesitation in accepting Dating Someone With The Same Birthday I am a sex addict. Dating Someone With The Same Birthday I have been taken home by a Dating Someone With The Same Birthday woman 15 years older than me from a pub/ Having the same birthday as your S.O. comes with a few perks. You always have a date to your party. Dating someone who thinks, speaks, and expresses themselves in their own way might be one of Author: Sara Coughlin.

Unless you were born at the exact same time in the exact same place, your rising sign if not your Mercury sign as well won't match your partner's.

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