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I want to start this post off by saying that it is a venting post. No value here except my raw vulnerability and feelings about this topic. I love my career. Helping people in my profession is my purpose please refer to figure number 1 below. I have an uncanny ability to read people and better understand why they do what they do. I can label people and have a pretty good chance of knowing exactly what their vulnerabilites are.

Although sometimes parents need to tell their teens what they need to do, at other times, they should simply guide kids to make the right choices.

Likewise, a wise counselor allows their clients to make their own choices, which empowers them to feel more confident in making future decisions. Another reason for therapists not giving advice is for protective purposes. Fortunately, therapists carry liability insurance.

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Therapists are also governed ethically by the state in which they are licensed as well as the professional organization. Even though you should not offer advice, there are some things you can do to help your clients in reaching effective solutions.

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This entails asking them to review what they did or did not do, along with the results. To start off, my understanding from the new code is that sexual or romantic interactions between a counselor and a current client continue to be prohibited.

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Sexual or romantic interactions with clients continue to be prohibited? MK: Absolutely.

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The ACA Code of Ethics continues to recognize the harm that can be impacted upon clients when they are sexually intimate with their counselor. Engaging in any type of sexual or intimate relationship with a current client is abuse of power. Clients come into counseling emotionally and psychologically vulnerable and in need of assistance, so a counselor trying to engage in such relationships would be trying to take advantage of that client and their vulnerabilities to meet their own needs.

5 Signs You Are Seeing a BAD Therapist!

DK: So the reason that the ACA Code of Ethics continues to give no leeway and to ban all sexual or romantic interactions with clients is because we know that harm always occurs when that happens?

MK: Yes.

There are strick rules set up by the state and federal licensing boards. They will lose their license to practice. Have you not seen those teachers and therapists going to prison for dating their students and clients? Where have you been? Good doc. Jul 04,   Not really There is still a massive imbalance of power in the relationship. Its a bit like trying to date your parent. They have been listening, guiding you and. I think it's definitely a challenge for therapists of every gender. I'm a heterosexual guy and before finding my wife, I struggled with this a good deal. Most of the women I dated from online dating sites and even some I just met the traditional way I found, well to put it the nicest way possible, not very compatible. My wife is also a therapist.

DK: That relates to malpractice suits and the one exception that liability companies such as the ACA Insurance Trust make about sexual contact with a client. All liability insurance policies that I have seen provide a lawyer and defend a counselor if he or she is accused of sexual contact with a client.

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However, if the counselor is found guilty, the insurance company will not pay any monetary damages that are awarded and will also expect to be reimbursed by the counselor for all legal fees incurred in their defense. The fact that sexual contact is the only exclusion contained in a malpractice policy indicates how harmful sexual contact is to a client. MK: This is an important piece for counselors to understand and it is important to plan healthy alternative ways to meet their emotional and romantic needs.

Jan 15,   MK: The task force prohibited sexual or intimate relationships with family members because counselors engaging in such relationships with client's relatives can have a harmful impact on clients. For example, if a counselor were to have an intimate or sexual relationship with a sibling or a former partner of a client, that could have a. The main reason for therapists refusing to give their clients advice is that it is not their job. Actually, the role of a therapist is to present clients with a better comprehension of what motivates or causes them to act or think in the way that they do. Instead of being used to give advice, psychotherapy should be a tool that guides people in. Sep 17,   Why You Shouldn't Date Me Or Any Other Therapists. September 17, My favorite is when I am dating a girl and she says, Most of us don't take a stance of superiority over our clients. Therapists and the field of psychotherapy has actually taken on a .

DK: As mentioned earlier, the ACA Code of Ethics increases the prohibition on sexual and romantic interactions with former clients. The old code stated that counselors were to avoid sexual intimacies with former clients within two years of termination. The revised code expands the time frame to five years.

Therapists and Their Feelings. In addition to love, therapists are bombarded with all kinds of feelings, such as hate, yearning, rage, or despair. Learning to manage such dynamic and . Therapists are trained to create a People are just people. So I am not dating a therapist. I am dating a real person who sees clients for a living. This may be why all this is on the front. Jul 17,   Clients often develop a close relationship with therapists. After all, during therapy sessions they sit in a room discussing very personal subjects, but does this make patients and therapists friends? Some people certainly think that it does, but therapists are trained not to view their relationships with clients in such a Leonard Holmes.

It is really important that enough time has passed for the power differential to be resolved. It is also important to recognize that counselors can decide to make the personal choice to never engage in romantic or sexual relationships with former clients even though the ACA Code of Ethics allows one to do so after a five-year waiting period.

It will be interesting to hear how that came up in the revision discussions and what the thinking was behind that.

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