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Prepare yourself for a Jersey Shore- Danity Kane hookup. Some of these gems are already airing, while others are coming soon. Keep reading for what you need to know. If the lady feels a connection after their first meet, she takes a right, heading straight to the tiki bar. After considering his options at the bar, the man picks two women to join him for a stay at a romantic beachfront villa - at the same time. But before they get the chance to settle in, he picks just one of them.

With a helping hand from the chemistry between Crawford and Damon Wayans, Sr.

The show already got your attention with its blockbuster trailer earlier this year, which has racked up more than 90 million views now, but the drama will deliver on it's feel-good premise. There's no over-the-top idea or big explosions here, just a well-acted drama about love, life and family.

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Brown continues his breakout year in a primetime drama that will finally fill the Parenthood hole in your heart. This Is Us is equally deft at balancing tear-jerking emotional monologues with humor and joy.

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With all of the bleak news and dark shows on television, This Is Us will be the bright spot in your TV calendar. Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse are infectiously charming in this offbeat romantic comedy about a woman who discovers that her dream man is an apocalypse truther. It's a weird premise, sure, but No Tomorrow leans into its own absurdity, populating the show with surreal, strange characters including one who speaks so quietly he needs subtitles and delightful prop comedy that is rarely seen in one-hour shows.

And while it's unlikely that No Tomorrow will help the CW continue its Golden Globes streak, it fits in perfectly on the network alongside fellow genre-pushing rom-coms Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. ABC has another worthwhile addition to its strong lineup of modern families with Speechless.

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The sitcom stars Minnie Driver as the fierce matriarch of a family of five, one of whom is a teenager with cerebral palsy. It's a clear-eyed and empathetic exploration of life in a special needs family that makes plenty of room for hilarity. Never mind that Insecure is another leap ahead for diversity on TV. It also represents something much more universal: the very real struggle of being awkward in a world where everyone else seems so confident. Taking on dating, office weirdness, adult friendships, sex and yes, being a black woman who doesn't want to be seen as just that, Insecure is funny and relatable because we all know what it's like to feel a little bit out of place.

If you're like me, when pressed on what kind of show you'd watch if you could only watch one more show, you stumble back and forth between "It has to have robots! An adaptation of the Michael Crichton film about a theme park loaded with lifelike androids, Westworld will explore a topic that is quickly becoming science fact: the rise of artificial intelligence.

The 25 Best TV Shows of

The look of the show and its fine cast which includes Anthony HopkinsEd HarrisEvan Rachel Wood and James Marsden swing open the saloon doors, but the real treat will be the intelligent discussion of whether or not robots will eventually kill us all.

Thankfully, creator Jonah Nolan already showed us he's the go-to guy for A. Not since Friday Night Lights have we seen a "sports" show that managed to deliver week after week, making viewers feel as invested in the characters' personal dramas as we were in the final scores of the games. Fox's new drama Pitch has the potential to pick up that torch.

Look for charismatic newcomer Kylie Bunbury to be a breakout star, not to mention her fictional, for now character Ginny Baker, the first woman to pitch in the MLB, to be a role model for young female athletes everywhere. Netflix has hit home runs with its first two Marvel superhero efforts, Daredevil and Jessica Jonesand there's no reason to expect anything different this time.

Luke Cage doesn't look or feel or even sound like your average superhero show. The drama - which follows Luke Cage Mike Colterthe indestructible hero we met on Jessica Jonesas he grapples with his heroism while defending Harlem - is armed with a smooth swagger and a pulsating soundtrack carefully curated by showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker to bring the streets of Harlem to life. More importantly, though, the series promises to explore black culture and the black experience through a superhero prism we've never had before.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

And in times like these, Luke Cage is the superhero we need. The hope is that their combined star power can restore NBC's tarnished comedy brand to its former glory.

Find listings of daytime and primetime ABC TV shows, movies and specials. Get links to your favorite show pages. Jul 27,   BLIND DATE: UNCENSORED When the granddaddy of all reality dating shows took it one step further by releasing the uncensored version on pay-per-view, the LOLs instantly turned into STFU moments. Sep 16,   Our 10 Most Anticipated New TV Shows of Fall Taking on dating, office weirdness, Fall TV Must-Watch New Shows 1 / 24 Alexander Zalben.

It won't be the next Friendsbut it's something even better: a network comedy that feels different than anything that's come before. Designated Survivor.

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ABC's Kiefer Sutherland anchored drama Designated Survivor is the rare show that delivers on the hype, and surpasses it. It's the perfect show to watch with tabs of Wikipedia open on your laptop or iPad to verify that the events of the series truly did take place. I always tell people that The Good Wife isn't just a show for moms, despite what its title suggests. And it's not your typical case-of-the-week legal procedural, either; while it started out as such, it became a more ambitious drama that rivals what you typically see on cable networks and boasting a tight narrative considering its episode seasons.

Wrapping up its seven-season run earlier this year, the final season was primed for failure-a fan-favorite had departed the series last season, and its producers hired two actors Cush Jumbo and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to replace the irreplaceable Archie Panjabi.

New dating shows 2016

The bet paid off, bringing protagonist Alicia Florrick a new legal partner and a new romantic partner. But most importantly, the show offered network TV a stunningly flawed anti-hero-a female anti-hero, at that, whose ethics and morals were tested at every turn. Television comedies tend to go to dark places these days. No show goes to such extremes as the anti-rom-com You're the Worstin which a handful of deplorable Los Angelenos fight and fuck and drink and destroy themselves and othersall while daring you not to root for them every step of the way.

While its second season took a surprising turn when it honed in on Gretchen's Aya Cash clinical depression and the struggles her boyfriend Jimmy Chris Geere faced while trying to support and love her, the third season placed similar efforts into exploring Edgar's Desmin Borges posttraumatic stress disorder.

May 24,   Dating Shows to watch this summer: Coupled, Match Made in Heaven, and more at PM EDT What more could you possibly need to know? OK, fine. The new series sees eight celebrities Author: Nick Maslow. Dec 06,   The 50 best TV shows of the full list Our countdown of Guardian TV's favourite programmes of the year is completed by a wonder of nature, filled with drama and sumptuous beauty More on Author: Guardian Staff.

You're the Worst is about, well, terrible people-but terrible people deserve love and friendship, too, and this is a comedy that makes them undeniably affectionate and real. The idle, commitment-phobic creator of a dating site, he's gotten rich off of other people's search for love. And, of course, the siblings' reunion reveals that the ghosts of their childhood still haunt their current relationships. But the show reached new heights in Season Two.

The latest batch of episodes finds Valerie, Laura, and Alex-three very different loners-struggling to make and keep friends as they continue courting romance. Love triangles, heartbreaks, and old flames keep the storyline moving, as Casual begins to further differentiate itself from its largely hetero competitors with some of TV's subtlest portrayals of sexual fluidity.

The summer's breakout show came out of nowhere-not that it really should have surprised anyone.

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An eight-episode homage to '80s supernatural thrillers? A healthy mixture of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King? A John Carpenter-inspired soundtrack?

(UK) Dating in the Dark Season 4 Ep. 6

A ragtag group of misfits that rival The Goonies? A supporting character who would go on to win the hearts of the Internet despite being onscreen for a manner of minutes? Stranger Things is a postmodern masterpiece tailor made for our time, a hodgepodge of childhood nostalgia and escapism that, well, is much more entertaining than it is intelligent.

In early February, before kicking off his third season, John Oliver told us he was finally ready to take on Donald Trump. As the loud anthropomorphized piece of dried fruit became an actual Republican presidential nominee, Oliver acted accordingly, picking his moments to hilariously and carefully analyze Trump's more dangerous qualities and there are a lot of them!

More importantly, this season, Oliver, as he told us he would, maintained self-control to not over-cover the election, choosing to focus on important topics like journalism! This U.

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These suave adversaries and the beautiful locations where their intrigue plays out-Majorca, Marrakech, the Swiss Alps-make The Night Manager one of the glossiest spectacles on the small screen. But Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier After the WeddingIn a Better World draws out the story's substance, too, underlining its political subtext with Olivia Colman's astounding performance as a righteous and pregnant! For two seasons, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson were content with making one of the funniest shows on TV about two something best friends navigating a slightly surreal New York City.

But Broad City upped its ambition in Season Three, forcing carefree Ilana to finally face the consequences of her unwillingness to grow up. Dumped first by her job and then by her long-suffering non-boyfriend Lincoln Hannibal Buressshe learns from the crisis without sacrificing the joie de vivre that makes her so fun to watch. Not that getting serious-or enlisting Hillary Clinton to make a guest appearance-prevented Glazer and Jacobson from creating some of the series' most hilarious moments to date, from an art gallery disaster in the season premiere to a recreation of Mrs.

Doubtfire 's famous restaurant scene that features a perfect guest appearance by Mara Wilson.

No industry is more ripe for satire than tech, and no creator is better suited to the task than Mike Judge. Thankfully, you don't have to understand data compression to follow the three-season saga of Pied Piper, which has slowly become TV's best case study on the conflict between art in this case, the developers trying to make the best product they can and commerce the corporations and financiers trying to cash in on their innovations.

Season Three finds Richard Thomas Middleditch fighting for control of his own invention and highlights the absurdity of the cottage industries that prop up the tech world, from media to overseas click farms. But its real draw is a cast whose chemistry increases with every episode. From T. Miller's boorish Erlich and Zach Woods' human non sequitur Jared to Suzanne Cryer's robotic but righteous Laurie Beam and constantly feuding frenemies Dinesh Kumail Nanjiani and Gilfoyle Martin Starrit's impossible to pick a favorite character on a show where everyone's a standout.

The third season of Jill Soloway's groundbreaking series follows in the style of its first two seasons: the Pfefferman clan is still as mixed up and fucked up as ever, delivering a brilliant mix of comic highs and dramatic lows.

The latest season offered a shift from the Maura Pfefferman-centric storyline and allowed us to see the inner lives of other characters, who are just as nuanced as the family matriarch.

Sarah Amy Landecker is at an emotional crossroads, and Shelly Judith Light searches for her own identity. But it's Trace Lysette and Kathryn Hahn who really shined this year playing outsiders to the Pfefferman family-two women who are both burned by son Josh Jay Duplass.

Now free of the cycle of despair that was Game of Thrones ' source material sorry George R.

Martin, but you're depressing as fuckthe HBO series was able to heal some of the wounds it had inflicted in its first five seasons. Yes, beloved characters died you're holding that door in our hearts, Hodorbut it also built up and empowered many of the women who had been unforgivably brutalized throughout the series. Part redemption, part reward for fans who had suffered along with the show's characters, Game of Thrones finally delivered-both visually and conceptually.

The news that the beloved webseries from co-creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair would make its debut on HBO may have left some fans scratching their heads. How could the show's micro-storytelling-tiny slices of the daily lives of random New Yorkers, all of whom interact in some manner with Sinclair's aloof weed deliveryman known only as "The Guy"-translate into a minute cable comedy series?

It worked pretty well, as it turns out, with the HBO version of the series capturing the heart and soul of its online predecessor.

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But more importantly, it exposed a larger audience to Blichfield and Sinclair's tender, reverent look at a city full of people going out of their way-sometimes to hilariously disastrous results-to connect with the known and unknown faces that surround them. The only political satire to outdo Veep in terms of completely ridiculous comedy is the actual garbage fire of an election currently playing out in this country.

When both Democrats and Republicans are approaching Julia Louis-Dreyfus and congratulating her on eviscerating the other political party, you know she's making a powerful and balanced critique of our batshit government.

Breaking Bad never seemed like a show that needed a spinoff, but after two excellent seasons, Better Call Saul has done more than justify its existence. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's prequel takes us back to the days when crooked lawyer Saul Goodman Bob Odenkirk is still Jimmy McGill, a talented, tireless attorney who has the best of intentions but can't resist breaking rules.

While the heartbreaking origin story of another Breaking Bad fan favorite, Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Bankswas the highpoint of the show's first season, this year's episodes focused on newer characters.

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By putting Jimmy's relationship with his successful, petty older brother Chuck Michael McKean under a microscope, Better Call Saul asked important questions about what it means to be a good person.

It's their conflict that makes Rhea Seehorn's Kim Wexler the season's most crucial character, caught between her boss Chuck's moral rigidity and her sometime boyfriend Jimmy's kind heart.

Not since The Wire has a show-with such stunning and unflinching accuracy-detailed the horrors, flaws, and institutionalized failures of our criminal justice system. An eight-episode limited series, The Night Of has created a focused work that contrasts the monotonous, daily horrors of true crime with the saturated tabloid-ized justice system we see on our television news stations. A spiritual sister to BoJack HorsemanLady Dynamite is sort of like a live-action cartoon that shines a wacky, comedic spotlight on a serious subject.

Like BoJack Horseman, the on-screen Maria Bamford is a difficult person struggling to maintain her career in show business. Although, in a contrast to BoJack, her problem isn't a vice as much as it is her bipolar disorder, and she's actually not the difficult one-it's everyone else who create the most problems.

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