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Final, is dating an ex ever a good idea regret, but

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Accept the fact that pain changes people to make them stronger. You were the last person to think that would hurt them. So what do you expect? You know what pisses them off and what turns them on. You already see the difference between jokes and half meant jokes. You basically know how their mind works.

Ive beendating this guy for two years but at first we had problems with his ex always calling him all the time every day. Two years ago I started dating this guy, we met through facebook I was in 10th grade he was in 8th.

#1 Don't Bring Up the Past

Then I was having issues at home and am a very depressive and bipolar person so I kept breaking up with him a lot in the 6 months we were dating. Please reply. I am lost and from what I see you really do give good advice. Please and thank you, I would appreciate it. So I have been dating my bf for one year and we are expecting a babyin Nov.

Ona Aug 12 we celebrated are onre year anniversary and we decided to go baby shopping after dinner. Well as we were walking into the store he is telling me about how he talked to his friend Ryan and he told him how his 1st love was divorced and living in town again. I replied with an OK and ironically we run into her at the baby store with her daughter and new bf. I told him to go say hi if he wanted to but he said no and then she approached us and said hello and congratulated us on the baby.

Well over the next few weeks everything seemed fine with us except one bad argument we had on the 21st.

Is dating an ex ever a good idea

I got upset and just let him finish in a spooning position. He was a little rough with me and seemed disappointed. Well the next morning he went for a breakfast run and left his cell.

I know it was wrong of me but I checked his cell. He got mad and yelled at me so I asked if it was a chick. Well he left his cell on the dresser while showering and I got the number and called.

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It went to an automated voicemail. When he finished his shower he said what is wrong I said nothing and then my cell rang and it was his ex from the baby store. I asked him why he would that to me and lie. She told me that they were catching up and talked about the baby and then talked about lunch and he invited her over and she said he asked her if he could rub her leg. Well I asked him if he sent her a picture he said no. Well I called her and asked what they talked about and she said he called her gmas house to get her cell the next day we saw each other.

That he sent her that picture and she sent him one of her haircut. She sad her bf saw all the messages the only thing said bad was that he wanted to rub her leg.

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Well his story is that she tried getting with him and tried to cheat on her ex husband with him but nothing happened. Both stories in why the relationship ended is different. From a guys view is this OK to do or not? Do you think he is going to contact me again? Hi eric, i found all your posts are very very helpful. I am lost with this guy i really liked since last November. I started talking to him onlline, he was so into me etc told me he had never met someone he really likes for so long.

Of cos i jumped the hoop as told him how much i liked him too we met in march, then he texted me the next eveninghe w nted to see me but asked me to meet him half way as he lived 45mins away from me.

I couldnt do it cos my diving skills then i didnt hear from him for 2 weeks, so i called him, then he said hes not ready for relationship cos his work etc.

Ex Dating Someone Else? Here's How to Get Them Back FAST (CRAZY TACTICS)

I agreed wit it. Then from that date n on he never contacted me. Its only me who was texting him n i got very simple answers anyway cut long story short, i texted him aft so long just as a fd n he was all nice n attentive again. I was ill n ttexted to check if i was ok if i need any thing. Then we started talking one eve, i said i understand that hes not never been attracted to me, i realised that now.

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He answered, h3 does find me attractive. I said its different attractions right.

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He said to what. I said its hard to explain. He said try, then i said you no when u meet someone. He said yeahthen he questioned me so then y r we not together. I was shocked, n said sorry? You didnt want me right. I was a lit mad as i felt he was just trickinh me to say that anyway after all i made it clear i asked him if he does want me in his life in anyway. Plz help:- Hi everybody, I have a situation like this, except that I asked my ex to give us another chance. I was the one who want to put an end to our relationship.

I am goring to see him next week. No long distance, but we have been broke up for 8 months. Every 6 to 8 weeks he comes back, either texting or talking and flirting with me when we run into each other, which leads to texting.

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He has another girl in his life that he never made clear to anyone he was dating. This started about 3 months ago.

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He has been with me in some form talking, hanging out, even slept together twice 3 or 4 times since they started dating. Keep in mind that he always is the one who contacts me, even before she was in the picture. He came back for good a few weeks ago and then after 2 weeks decided to leave again. This time I told him not to come back.

I hear though, through others, that he has been talking to her again.

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I love him and do want him back, but not like this. Maybe it is time to move on?

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Eric Charles. I have a question? Well, a situation that I need to understand. I went to a party recently bonfire redneck high school type party.

My ex was there. We have been broke up for 10 months, but on and off during this time meaning talking, sleeping together, short 1 or 2 week relationship here and there. We had recently been together about 2 weeks prior. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage prior to this, but did not tell him until this last time we were together. I go to this party and he is there, drinking. He proceeds to tell everyone that I had told him I had a miscarriage and that he knows I am lying as the night progresses he gets drunker and drunker.

I am talking to a guy in a group of people not paying attention to my ex. The guy then sits down and I continue to stand in the group of people. Someone breaks it up and the night goes on.

Ask a Guy: Getting Back Together With an Ex Is It EVER a Good Idea? by Eric Charles. Tweet; Tweet; Last spring, I met a guy through work and we hit it off. We have a lot in common in fact, a lot of people say that we're the exact same person! I knew that he had a huge crush on me, but I was dating someone else at the Eric Charles. But should you date your ex? Read the good and the bad of dating an ex. Dating an ex is almost always doomed to failure. Quite a sorry start, but it's something you really have to understand. If you're contemplating over dating an ex, you really have to think of that adage, once bitten twice shy, and consider your options beyond that.

He proceeds to get so drunk he passes out and looses all bodily functions. I see him the next night and he tells me he doesnt like my shirt because it is still on. He tells everyone he hates me and doesnt want anything to do with me, yet he comes back every 6 weeks or so.

I think the more important question to ask is if he respects you.

The Only 3 Reasons You Should Ever Get Back Together With. Mar 04,   Sameera Sullivan, CEO and lead matchmaker at Lasting Connections, believes that "in most cases, no, it's not worth it to be friends with an ex. If . Jul 10,   Is it ever a good idea to get back with an ex? A relationship expert weighs in. However, after writing a book about dating and relationships and exploring how modern-day couples select mates.

I think that answer should be more helpful than if he loves you. Regardless of how much love one may feel for another, I cannot in good conscience condone a relationship where one of the people involved is not respected. Your relationship status is not important when evaluating his actions and behavior. His response reflects his general way of thinking on what he finds to be an acceptable course of action in any given situation.

You should not make your decision based on if he loves you, but on if you feel respected and valued for who you are. Eric, Im totally new to this website, and I wanted to thank you.

You said usually things get rough in the month range. What you described was exactly what I just went through. I had an ex boyfriend that I dated for 2 years.

We were both in love, but he finally broke it off because I was moving overseas for a year. At that time we were already doing a long distance and doing an 8 hour difference in a long distance seemed too hard.

The first 3 months were amazing, though we still were in a long distance. Then 4th month hit and everything went downhill.

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He went cold, distant and acted disinterested. He was no longer there for me and made the rudest sarcastic comments when I was worried about something. This article helped me. I knew I still loved him and though we were convinced we could do it for a year before I could move up to him, his 4th month attitude no longer portrayed that. Were you too pushy and overbearing?

Stop it.

The Only 3 Reasons You Should Ever Get Back Together With An Ex

Were you too closed-hearted and emotionally available? Open up this time and let him in. Yeah, you remember how awesome it was with him. But, before you jump into the sack on the first date, treat this relationship like you would any new relationship. Take it slow. The physical ct and the intimacy should come naturally, but should also be done with caution. Also, make sure your family and friends behave themselves and keep their opinions to themselves whenever your ex is with you.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And what if we had a meet up after a year and lots of arrangement as we are both busy. Thank you for this helpful article. Now, he made his intentions clear i think that he still loves me.

It has not been easy but we recently went on our second first date I guess you can call it? Since we have history. Thank you for this article. Now, he seems genuinely honest that his intentions are true. I have to say memories and taking things slow are the hardest. We were toxic and madly in love.

Now all the Love is there without the young and crazy emotions. We are starting out the year in church, praying together is definitely something different for us. With God all things are possible. Relationships Bored In A Relationship? Hair Makeup Skin Care. Accessories Celebs Clothes Shoes.

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