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When I was pregnant, the last place I expected to find myself was on Tinder. Honestly, I still wanted to be desired by the opposite sex and have that feeling of wondering what a date might lead to-a hookup, a holiday romance, a love affair-rather than letting my pregnancy turn me into someone who was OK with feeling overlooked. Plus, my posse of girlfriends was neatly divided between those who were shacked up with long-term partners and those who were still hitting the playing field hard. What I wanted was to enjoy digital dating before my days were filled with changing nappies and taking naps. Otherwise, it was probably none of their business. So at eight weeks' pregnant, I started swiping. First, I hit it off with an actor who I met for iced coffee one sticky summer afternoon.

They aren't friends then. Distance yourself from them even if it is hard. Negativity will bring you down. If they are church going they should know it is not their place to judge. That is for God, not mortals, and they should show humility. Yes he has been around pregnant women before me to be exact I was not his girlfriend but he was my support system since I got married got pregnant and filed for divorce becasue my husband didn't want children so he has denied his almost 6 year old twins since birth and never seen them, this guy who my friend is now dating was a great support system during my pregnancys and even still helps with my kids even tho I am remarried to the father of my 3 year old daughter.

Do you think he has some kind of. I'm not sure how to say this without him sounding mentally messed up. She was married he died, assuming she's a slut is just stupid not everyones a slut who dates when they are pregnant, she isn't having sex with the guy she's seeing as she had only been with her husband, she's also not expoecting a long term relationship she just enjoys hanging out with people so she isn't sitting at home getting depressed over her husband of 5 years dieing, YES she is mouring she also tried not to get upet seeing as the baby feels everything too.

Ok, well it's mean that your friends and her friends are calling her names then.

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How is it harmful to an unborn child to have sex? My doctor told me to have sex as much as I wanted because it can help with bringing on child birth when baby is due. Sex isn't bad for the baby. Now if there would be a problem then sex is off limits depending on what it is.

But it doesn't hurt the baby. A friend of mine is 16 weeks pregnant, she's starting seeing this guy who says he loves being around pregnant woman and watching their belly grow and such, a few friend of mine and hers have called her names because of the whole situation what do you think? Share Facebook. Would guys date a girl who's pregnant? Add Opinion. LittleMissGriff Xper 6. Guys absolutely date pregnant girls.

Preggo Dating is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and pregnant dating sites. As a member of Preggo Dating, your profile will automatically be shown on related pregnant dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge. Jun 17,   Nice of her to bring in a pinch-hitter at the bottom of the 9th. Be careful with this. If you really love this woman, nobody can tell you not to date her, but the pregnancy will most likely end with a very noisy, very demanding child-which is diff. Lesbian here. Im married but if i wasn't: I've never dated a girl with kids but I know lots of girls who have. I don't see any problems with a girl being pregnant but have issues with being in a child's life and then being gone if we break up.

Babies are the big scary, but if a girl is confident and independent enough the guy doesn't have to worry about immediately becoming 'baby-daddy' to someone else's kid, it's down to whether they're mature enough to deal with a child constantly vying for attention Which is important.

If he's not ready for that, it's nothing against him. He's just not ready. If your friend is searching for a father for her baby, she needs to dial it back and look for companionship for herself, first. Obviously, if he's not father material, he's not going to work, but just because someone's 'a great dad' doesn't mean he's an awesome partner.

My best friend was pregnant at She wasn't married, she was breaking up with the father, and she had no intention of settling down any time soon. She had plenty of dates because the dating was still about HER not her coming bundle of joy.

Guys who won't date pregnant girls aren't ready for a relationship with the pressures of children involved. There are plenty who are, though, so there's no reason for her to shut down on her search for another - It sounds like the loss of her husband was tragic - good man to share her life with.

Kudos to you for being supportive in her hard time. Being pregnant sometimes leads to irrational emotional decisions, so keep an eye out for her.

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My best friend got a little bit crazy, deciding a passing 'what if' thought was absolute fact. A little calm talking down and she'd realize what she'd done. Good luck! I would just advise her to watch out. Don't think that just because your pregnant a guy won't love you and leave you. A lot of guys look for angles on the easiest way to get to sex.

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Some older guys think dating somethings is a guarantee to get laid. Some young guys think it is all about the cougar.

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And, yes, some guys think if you are pregnant and single, you are an easy target. As long as she keeps sex out of it for a good while and they are both getting to know each other and build a relationship, then I see nothing to worry about. Sadly, yes, it is not the norm and things that make people uncomfortable become ammunition for ridicule.


Again, hopefully she is not sleeping with him. If she is, she may be bringing on trouble because she appears to be easy, not because she is pregnant and dating. Show All Show Less. If the guy knows she's pregnant and wants to be with her and the baby's father is either not in the picture at all or at least not in a relationship with the girl, then I don't see a problem. She's lucky to have met a guy who's cool with it. She shouldn't let other people get to her especially if the guys a nice guy and treats her right.

Fuck em they're not good friends. What name would you even call someone in that condition? And how can they be considered "friends" if they call her names?

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I think pregnant women can be very attractive Perhaps I'm taking the comment out of context, and he has indicated a number of reasons why he likes her, and this is only one of them. Or maybe she just likes going out with someone right now, and isn't getting really emotionally invested and isn't too concerned if this is going to developing into something long-term or not.

Girl im dating is pregnant

But regardless, she needs to drop those so-called friends Littletad Guru. It really depends on the girl and if there was some chemistry there. But there several reasons why I would not. One, the ex. Where is he? Would be cause trouble?

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Would I have to constantly compete with him over her? Is he a psycho? Two, I'd have to understand and come to terms with being father, especially to a kid who isn't my own. Not everyone can handle that. She has a ton of things to do and think about besides dating. I agree! Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. First of all, I'd be forced into a pregnancy that I had no choice or forewarning about.

Aug 01,   But dating is the last thing on my mind since I now spend every day with the love of my life. I don't know when, but I'll jump back into dating one day-as much as I . Girl i'm dating is pregnant - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site.

Secondly, it wouldn't be my child, and thirdly if a girl is i'm trying to think of a euphemism The obvious exception is if she got stuck in a really bad situation divorce, etc. Eugene Guru. Truly depends on a personality, age and mentality, but most men wouldn't do so.

Majority of men would be kinda like "distracted" with a fact that woman is carrying not that man's child.

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Also, there are many things that you can't do together since she's pregnant riding horses or going to the club for example. Besides, not all men would prefer to have sex with a pregnant woman.

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And sex is important. And last, but not least: having a baby is a huge responsibility. Here are our highly recommended sites to check out if you are pregrant and want to get out there to find someone special:. Obviously, women who are pregnant and women who are not are pretty different in many ways.

Mar 24,   So I started dating a girl who is 20 weeks pregnant. She's beautiful and I couldn't help but fall for her. The father refuses to get out of her house (she lives with her parents) and until I came along, he was beating her and leaving bruises on her. She has told him to leave and he said that if she makes him go he will burn the house down or cut the baby out of her with a . Guys absolutely date pregnant girls. Babies are the big scary, but if a girl is confident and independent enough the guy doesn't have to worry about immediately becoming 'baby-daddy' to someone else's kid, it's down to whether they're mature enough to deal with a child constantly vying for attention (Which is important. Non-pregnant women are more likely to want to indulge in the hanky-panky, but a pregnant woman may see that as a serious no-no for lots of reasons (or maybe not, but it's ultimately up to her!). Dating can prove to be difficult as it is, but add a child into the mix, regardless if it's here yet or not, can add a lot of different types of.

First off, a pregnant woman is carrying a child. There is a LOT of baggage that comes with that. Women who are not expecting a child have a lot more freedom and nothing really tying them down, whereas a pregnant woman cannot drink or partake in the party scene really.

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The list goes on! Pregnant women are hormonal, sick, tired, and not totally in love with their bodies. There are a few pros and cons we will go over so you can make the decision whether you are ready for this type of commitment or not! Really, you could probably take her to any restaurant, for that matter. She is giving up that previous lifestyle in order to properly raise a small human into a responsible adult, and participating in worldly or childish trends simply just gets in the way of preparing for a new life!

So, if you think you guys are just going to have a relaxing day at the beach, be ready to carry 6 different bags, chairs, a table, a cooler, extra clothes, extra towels, 4 different types of sunscreen, among MANY other things! This is probably the big one. That can seem a bit weird, and may even be considered taboo, but the fact of the matter is- it can be totally normal! Whether the father of the child is involved or not, you can have a healthy relationship with a woman who is expecting.

The only thing you know for sure, is that you are crazy about her and you want to remain in a relationship with her. However, what do you do if the father is completely nonexistent?

Nevertheless, there are guys out there who may try to stir the pot with you, or will make sure that you know who the father is; the chances are, this will all fizzle out over time and you will all come to a civil compromise. Any woman can be swooned one way or another, but a pregnant woman? They have specific wants and needs!

Be as active, or inactive, in her pregnancy as possible, whichever she prefers. I cannot stress this enough, they are swollen and in pain, please just take 30 minutes out of your life to take this stress off of her!

She will appreciate it more than you will ever know. Feed that woman! Help her with the nursery!

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