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They debuted on January 16, under Source Music. GFriend has captured many hearts, not only with their great talents but also their beautiful faces. Each member of GFriend has a different style as well as different idea of their ideal type of characteristics and appearance. Yerin revealed that her ideal type is someone who is foolishly nice, and also has a pretty smile on his face. She shyly said that someone who looks like actor Lee Hyun Woo is definitely her ideal type. As for her ideal personality type, Yerin likes a man who is sensible , skillful , thoughtful , and also trustworthy.

As for her ideal personality type, Yerin likes a man who is sensibleskillfulthoughtfuland also trustworthy. Yuju has unique criteria for her ideal type.

But just like Yerin, Yuju likes someone who is attractive when he smiles. This GFriend member who has a couple of big eyes and an innocent smile revealed that her ideal type is someone who is loveable and cute. Not only that, she likes a man who is smart, but also wise. Just like Yuju, Umji also wants an understanding manand of course someone who likes her for who she is. As SinB is a singer, she likes someone who also has a nice voice. Not only concerned with his face, SinB cares about her ideal personality type, she likes man who is reliable and also stable.

SinB also revealed that she wants someone whose personality is close to hers. Eunha likes man who is resourceful as well as skillful. The leader of GFriend also revealed her ideal type. She mentioned that she prefers man who is family-oriente a man who loves children.

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Yerin is not a visual. But most of them said, Sowon is the visual. Where did you get the rest of the height? Sowon is my bias. Eunha said in a vlive a few weeks ago, she got taller since debut. Sowon is the visual of the group. Yuju also attends the same Uni! She was a trainee for 5 years. She trained the longest amongst GFriend members. If you want proof, here you have it. Both vlives happened in the last few weeks. I cant get it.

It coud either be mistranslation, or she was just lying lol She actually uses a sole inside her shoes to look taller, so. Eunha and SinB were friends when they were in their childhood days. I dont think Eunha is close to BTS because she only trained there for a year. This is their GFriend official lightstick.

And they are still bestfriends until now. SinB and Chanwoo just know each other because of they are modelling, same with Moonbin. Moonbin is the one who is close to Chanwoo. The reason why Moonbin and SinB become bestfriends because they live on the same place and her apartment is just opposite to Moonbin. And also, they go in the same dance academy.

Eunha is not there that time. Ummm but as i know from many people said that sinb was the visual sry if its wrong, tbh i dont know the truth. But SinB is definitely the face of the group.

She was also a Cube trainee.


They are not even friends. They are just in the same agency along with Moonbin. Eunha and SinB are the lead vocalists, Yerin and Yuju are the lead dancers and according to members the visual is Sowon and Umji is their lead rapper. Sowon is the one who is also a lead dancer.

According to SinB and their choreographer, SinB and Sowon are the fast learners when it comes to choreo. Eunha was the lead vocalist. Sinb- main dancer, 3rd. Umji- lead rapper, vocalist, dancer she once dance with Sinb in a video and it is awesome when they were predebut 4. Sowon- main rapper she auditioned in Source Music with rappingvisual, vocalist 5. Yerin- lead dancer, vocalist,center,face of the group in glass bead and me gustas tu era 6. I just put it like that because I saw it on gfsquad.

If we look at the post dates there are all fromso I think is not accurate anymore. There were other recent shows who show her height is more than that.

Sowon is defintely taller. In the latest VLive she said that she is 12cm taller than Eunha and Eunha is at least cm. We wanna keep the profile as accurate as possible, so any correction is appreciated. Sowon is the visual. They said in Showtime, also the members recognizes her as the visual. SinB is a part of the visual line along with her, but the official visual is Sowon.

Sowon is cm? This is the reason why she was always cautious at the high kick part at Glass Bead. Sowon prefers upbeat songs than ballads. Umji Facts: - Umji and Yerin have the same birth date, but different year.

Yerin being the oldest out of the two and Umji being the maknae of the group. Vlive - Sowon stated that her mom brought her a huge bowl of salad to eat when she trained. She actually wanted to become an idol. Anyways the main and lead dancer are SinB and Yerin so only their positions should have dancers. Thanks for so many info!

I love this site! Watch any of theirs fancams the difference of level is astounding, apart from Sinb there is no natural dancer in Gfriend they work hard to learn the choreo but their musicality lacks a lot.

But thank you! That was interesting! KATE Sorry, sorry! Watching them does indeed show SinB the master of motion, of dance sequences, of knowing exactly where her body is and where they all should be. I was shocked at the blindfolded bit where SinB suddenly felt Eunha out of place and instantly guided her back! All of their thousands of hours of practice does have a leveling-up effect, but SinB is of course still better.

My sister did dance lessons for years, but I could see that some of her class were just flat-out better than others would ever be. All of the members agree that Sowon is the visual in the group. Has SinB ever stated what Hogwarts house she is in? SinB Facts: - She can rotate her arms degrees. Her disease was successfully treated and there is no possibility of recurrence. But she gave up on the concept after she watched her performance on a special stage. Mostly every SinB fan has said Sowon is the visual.

Even during their behind the scenes of their Show Champion stage, SinB and Yerin were asked who was the prettiest in the group, SinB kept saying it was Sowon.

Jungkook Dating Gfriend Member and Jimin Dating Red Velvet Member?

Honey, chill. They both are pretty, but Sowon is the visual and Yerin is the center. One feature that makes Sowon so intriguing is her jawline. After all, she looks like a goddess. Sowon posted recently that her height is actually And please put their BMI and Classification of each member.

Such as Bts, rapmon is the one who always represents BTS in every shows like sometimes jin and V too, but Jungkook is the face so i think gfriend is like this too, but idk. The proof to whom is more popular in Korea is the fact that they are often invited to appear on TV! Kai is the Center! Visual is the most beautiful member according to Korean standards Center is the one that is usually placed in the center during photoshoots, interviews, choreographies, etc.

All above

Korea not internationally. How can you truly sure about it? Not just because they are one of the best dancers, but as you can see through, SinB leads the group and wtf! And many fans thinks SinB and Eunha. Another thing, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are the most popular in Korea and have a lot of variety shows than the other members right? And duh! Chanyeol and Baekhyun are very popular in Korea and have a lot of variety shows, especially Chanyeol.

Sep 22,   I don't think you can really trust any sources these days. Regarding Jungkook, there are some really ridiculous rumours and speculations. * According to "insiders" he's been dating a girl from a girl group for a long time, even before bts debuted. Jun 05,   GFriend members are often shipped with BTS members, and this happens even more after the rumors about BTS's Jin dating GFriend's Sowon as well as after they collaborated as new models for "Smart" school uniforms for the brand's upcoming 2nd annual "Family Day Love" campaign. Fans find evidence that BTS Jin and G-Friend Sowon are secretly dating. Koreaboo. June 14th, Sometimes, the love between two people can be apparent from just the way they look at each other.

Soulsa1:disqus I agree with you! We should just cheer up! XD I also think she might be taller than cm, more likely cm.

Complete Criteria of GFriend's Ideal Type

I also saw that recent post in which Sowon seemed annoyed that people are questioning her height. Also about the FOTG, each has their own bias, but we should stop arguing about this and just cheer up. Yes, she got a little antsy in the first weekly idol also, even admitting being like cm or something? Why fighting for their position. Sokay we are buddy right. What their position we must agree. Gfriend fighting!

Korea standards so better shut up. And also, do you know the meaning of FACE of the group? Got it? If you said Astro and the first person who comes into my mind is Moonbin. I think? My bias is SinB then Sowon. Will it possible to them to have 2 FOTG? Yuju have the most legs muscle out of all the members Gfriend One fine day Yuju have the best tumbling skills out of all the members. Any other Umji fans around?

Sowon-Leader, Main Rapper, Dancer. Yerin-Lead Dancer, Face of the Group. Eunha-Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual. Which is legit.

Yuju-Main Vocalist. Umji-Maknae, Lead Rapper. In rest I totally agree with your list! She did not. This twitter account is known for their inaccurate translations though.

We all know Sowon is the visual. All the girls consider her the visual, plus she was introduced as the visual in Showtime. All of them are pretty nonetheless. Actually she is not the visual. More Sowon Facts: Sowon is like the single mother of the group.

Sowon is Tom while Jerry is SinB.

Gfriend dating

Yerin can rap. More Eunha facts: Eunha and SinB were on the same dance team when they were kids. Source:M Countdown Eunha prefers snowy day than rainy day. Her sleeping habits are tossing,turning,sleep talking, sleep paralysis, and making frog sounds according to the members sleeping in the same room with her. Her hobby is singing and dancing. Her all-time favorite female group is Wonder Girls.

According to her, they are very cool since she was young. Her special ability is writing letters. Her favorite korean food is bibimpap. She feels old when she have no advice for people who tell their problems to her. Her happiest moment is when she wakes up without having a dream. If she would name 3 things to take to a deserted island, it would be Eunha, water and sweet potatoes.

According to her, love is comfort. The hero she wants to be from the Avengers is Hulk. She thinks that she can do many cool stuff if she were to live as Hulk. Koreans thinks Umji does not have a visual 3.

Well she is centre so her visuals are to be seen like crazy. But I would like her to be visuals or face of the group.

But Eunha also said that she is cm since high school. Eunha said that she is cm since high school One Fine Day ep 1 2. Sowon posts an angry post on Instagram against those who doubted her height, posting a pic that shows Well that depends on the taste. People like Sinb because she is funny and main dancer. Yerin is good at aegyo and so is Umji.

Yerin is also really funny. I hope. I want to meet you! Korea not internationally! Korea is Yerin. I have a group chat with korean buddies and I can assure you that SinB is the most popular there too. SinB is considered the prettiest as far as korean standards go. Why is Suzy always requested on tv? That was just an example. For now the member that is most promoted a. Yuju should also be a lead dancer and Plus Face of the Group because she is smart and speak english too.

And SinB be the 2 Visual. U must be wrong. Before sowon was confirmed to be the official visual of gfriend, sinb is the one in charge of top 1 visual in gfriend. Weekly idol. She appeared many times like times maybe?

Dec 11,   That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Nobody in GFriend is dating, esp not BTS. SinB was a trainee there for 5 years, plus Source Music will move in to Big Hit's new building when it's done.

If include with gfriend then iw would be around times she appeared. In gfriend, yuju is the only one the first child in her family. Sowon ? Are you sure? Tzuyu from Twice is I thought Sowon isI have seen her standing next to boy groups. So I guess we should just believe her. I love it! Ok thanks. I do believe her but why is she angry its beautiful to be tall.

I was absolutely sure our color is white sea. SinB - Popular in International 2. Yerin - Popular in Asian Fans 3. Yuju - Popular in Indonesia 4. Eunha - Popular in Philippines 5. Umji - Popular in Vietnam and Japan 6. Sowon - Popular in Thailand. According to Yerin, Yuju and her is the funniest in GFriend. The other members tend to be unfunny sometimes. If she can find confidence someday, she can definitely get more love.

She is like the youngest daughter, so she needs to get comfort a lot. There is also greed and perfectionism in her. There is potential for development for SinB. However, she learn and understand so fast. She catches the lesson well. She do her best. No matter what, there is a cuteness in her just like what elementary school students do. There seems to be a fight inside her.

Yerin was using her heart easily more than I thought, so she cried a lot. She took a good care of the kids, well. It is a sense of leadership. She knows what it is that she stands out. Yerin graduated from highschool with master degree in philanthrophy. Philanthropy means the love of humanity. They do not have a sub rapper. Just because yerin rap in love bug does not make her the sub rapper.

Yerin is just a lead dancer.

really. All

LASIK or Lasik, commonly referred to as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, is a type of refractive surgery for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Both SinB and Yerin had a lasik eye surgery. Yuju has an older siater. She says unnie, not dongsaeng. True but when gfriend cover twice song ohh ahh, so won and umpire rapped.

This was from way backkkkkk! Umji is still the lead rapper and Yerin is still a vocalist. Yerin was given rap parts, i assume because her voice is the most applicable at the song.

But this is the least of our worries. All we can do now is support the girls no matter what happens. I saw a list of main vocals of girl groups. She was there in all criterias three criterias to be exact. Appreciate this talented main vocal! I really love Sowon and SinBcuz, Sowon has a funny sneze.

It is really weird. While, SinB is so cute and also funny. I really like it. Ah thanks! I love sexy eunha xD Yerin and Umji.

really. All

But i love them all too. I love you Gfriend. Keep doing what you love and i will always support Gfriend. I love you Umji. If you want, you can scan my face. You have it once and then you have your appendix removed. My top 3 bias are the actual rankings of bias votes! SinB, Eunha and Yuju!

Thanks for this! Sinb was appeared in Star King when she was 9 years old international age along with her dance team in Big Bang episode The title of the song is Confession feat. Umji can play the piano very well. Eunha stated that she was 12cm shorter than Sowon and she said that she was cm. So, Sowon is Bcs i also see that sowon and male idol height is the same.

Yerin searches for her name online and has ever seen an article about her debating if she is a human or a doll. If you happen to find a better one for her, make sure to share it. The profile pics should be Sunny Summer. Please replace it with Sunny Summer profile pics again. Eunha and SinB were in the same childhood dance teem.

No, Yuju is not a lead dancer and the fotg. Eunha has an older brother and a sister. Rumour has it that both of them are working in the productions field.

Yerin dislikes vegetables. In Secret Variety Training when Yerin was introduced it said she was friends with him and when they were paired up together Eunwoo said he was glad to hear someone from GFRIEND was coming when he begged the staff to tell him who the other guests were. Yerin also said that Eunwoo was her only male friend. She mentioned her in some interviews and vlives. Someone please provide any link or proof huhu.

suggest you come

Can you add some informations about sinb? He was born in same age with Yerin Tq. Weekly Idol. Nobody mentioned that she was a trainee there. If it was true SinB and Eunha would have talked about that or at least someone else would have mentioned it. You can check on soompi. The bighit ex-trainee.

There also 13 people who train at big hit not sinb and eunha only. The rank has changed and she got 3rd now. Hello no Erin I use laptop and mobile to vote that why I can vote 3 times at one time as I was not know about this link but now I will try to give my full effort.

Actually you are right.

apologise, but

FOTG is a member who is capable in representing the group in some variety shows to gain popularity. For fair results. Concept Photo Daytime Ver. She was an ex-bighit trainee and infact, bighit was the one who introduced Eunha to source music. Can you please add this to Umji facts, she got accepted to SOPA theater department, the hardest to get into and also graduate from it too.

International fans often think so because she is the 2nd face and always in the middle with Yerin but in SK Yerin is the one most popular member. My bias is Yerin but tbh Yuju gives that lead dancer feels too so i think they sgould both be lead dancers.

Yuju does have a problem in practicing the choreo. Her moves are perhaps awkward but she still improves. Yerin is since debut the Face of the Group. She appeared in many variety shows and represented her group very well. They have been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! Gfriend revealed in the new Idol room episode that Sowons stage name was supposed to be PB which means Perfect Beauty but they changed it to Sowon.

Its very common for lead vocalists to take high notes in main songs a lot of the time, especially when the group has been around for quite some time.

So umji was just casually on the street while source CEO spotted her and ask her to audition for their company?!?!?!?

Astro Eunwoo & Gfriend Sowon Dating?

Tbh umji rapping skills are better than yerin. Actually eunha also good in rapping, she rap in fingertip and life is a party. Not being biased or something but honestly Yerin deserves to be a Lead Vocalist along with Eunha and deserves to be a Lead Rapper along with Umji. As umji is good for slow track because her voice is like baby voice very sweet as yerin voice is now become little bit mature she can rap well than umji.

SinB 2. Sowon 3. Yerin 4. Umji 5. Eunha 6. Poor SinB never stood a chance She used to be 1st on Bias Votes on this site an now, down to 4th Yuju 3rd and down to last place But not bad, Eunha stays 2nd. The popularity of the girls even though it changed in ranking is sooo close compared to other groups which makes me happy that fellow buddies gives them so much love. What wrong with buddy now. Look at sinb,how she can be that level.

SinB became the most outstanding bias wrecker for these past few years. Other ggs have huge gaps like the famous ones got k votes while the least popular got 50k votes while in GFRIEND, the results were fair. Are you sure Sowon is the Visual? Agree, Sowon is not offical visual.

In my opinion Eunha or SinB should be visuals. SinB haves korean standart beauty and Eunha is the prettiest. I just watched some vlive and she said that her height is cm. Sowon have Korean standart beauty and Yerin have international beauty.

But I think Umji is one of the most beautiful member along with Sowon. Yeah also on an old Weekly idol it mentions the same and you can see she is clearly taller than Doni.

There is no Main or Lead rapper. How did I know? The member who got the most views during the first 4 eras still managed to got the most views till the recent era and the gap between the 1st and 2nd most views are quiet big:.

Brand ranking is about Korea not internationally and Yerin have most views than other member in most fancams. And they gain so much popularity in Amerika now. So popularity ranking will change. Sinb is most popular member in the past but Yerin is the most popular member now. Sowon doing rap in some shows and Umji too. Yes, they do have bias but some ppl being rude when their bias is not being first sometime.

My bias is Umji but I love all member equal. I talking about that. How do you love all members equally when you have a bias? That does not make any sense. A bias is a bias because you like that member more than the other members. It'd be so hard to guess who wins cause everyone is blooming so much recently. Esp Umji, shoutout to her and her hardwork despite all the flak she got in the past.

Their positions in my opinion Sowon-Leader, Visual, sub.


Yerin-Lead Dancer, Face of the group, Vocalist. Eunha-Lead Vocalist, Visual. Yuju-Main Vocalist, Lead dancer? Umji-Maknae, Vocalist. I feel as if eunha and sowon are the more popular members. Now,it has 2 Million views,K likes and 12K comments after 2 days it was released. Sinb even has the most viewed OST 7. Btw,actually Sinb is the one who has the most views than other members especially their individual comeback fancams in Mcountdown. Her fingertip fancam her fancam has 1. She is also quite popular in Korea.

In October ,she did nothing but still managed to get number 1 in the brand ranking. So Idk what to say if you said that she is not that popular in Korea. Btw,the thing that I really like about gfriend is their popularity each of them are quite similar and not much difference. She is still one of the most popular member actually,it just a poll.

Plus,this is not their official position. Most of the position were made by the fans. She said it by herself that she is the one who playing the center for balance when they were appeared in KBS K Rush.

If a person can vote only once,then I would believe it. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Who is your GFriend bias? Total Votes: You may also like. Other profiles The Volunteers Members Profile. Thank you! It has been corrected! The profile has been ated, thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your comment! Ellie Mondello. Yuju can speak English. Chella Chua. Thanks for helping with info, we gave you credits in the post! Thanks for helping to improve the profile, we gave you credits in the post! Thanks for your help, we gave you credits in the post! Alifia Kanya Dibya. At weekly idol, Sowon reveal her real height which is cm. ShinB also loves paragliding and want to try sky diving with Sowon and Eunha. Thanks a lot for the info! We gave you credits in the post!

No Problem!

well told

Thanks for the addition! She is almost the same height as Yuju! Thanks for helping in making the profile better! Umji is such a cutie -w.

Umji is the lead rapper. Her stage name is SinB. How do you know how much they weight? Where you get your information from? Thanks a lot for the additional info! Thank you, we gave you credits in the post! Yuju is afraid of heights I think according to Showtime. Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post! Carlos Tinos Kirip. Geraldine Sebuguero. SinB is already a lead vocalist according to SouMu. Laurie Joy Julito Cocal. Thank you for your help, we gave you credits in the post. I thought SinB is the former trainee of Bighit.

Love it! Heechul measured on singderella. HenRy Dao. Noor liana. Add more infos about them please. Sowon is appeared in rainbow to me and tell me tell me mv. Eunha is cm. She said it on VApp.

GFRIEND Profile: GFRIEND Facts and Ideal Types GFRIEND (????) consists of 6 members: Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and group debuted on January 16, , under Source Music which became a subsidiary company of Big Hit Entertainment in July Their boy fans especially are interested to know more about these girls' personal lives. Their love relationship is what fans are keen to know about. Sowon ???? GFRIEND??(@gfriendofficial)???????? - 2? 28 ?? PST Sowon is the leader of G-Friend. She is described as the best leader of new girl groups. Jun 05,   GFriend has captured many hearts, not only with their great talents but also their beautiful faces. All 6 members, Yerin, Eunha, Umji, Yuju, SinB, and Sowon became the ideal type of all Buddy's (GFriend's fans), who dream of being their boyfriends, so let's find out about GFriends' ideal types, and who they are rumored to be dating.

Ki heehyun.

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