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Meanwhile, even troubled marriages can mean problems for your clearance. James Rawles, a former Army intelligence officer turned survival expert and end-of-times fiction writer, who now runs the prepper site Survival Blog, says he was shocked to learn that reading his books could put a top-secret clearance in jeopardy. He recently got a note from a military fan who "told me that he was the subject of an 'expanded reinvestigation'" on his clearance over questions of loyalty.

I recently started dating a foreign national here on a student visa from China. I am currently working for a DoD agency and hold a Secret clearance which will be up for SF86 renewal in years. Because of this, I've reported the contact to my security officer.

Among other prepper-oriented books, he had Kindle copies of all three of my novels, and the investigator's report specifically mentioned them as suspect," Rawles wrote in a recent post. Books on explosives have been red flags in clearance investigations in the past.

Military Security Clearance: What to Expect

Investigators still have to connect the dots to something else. Taking illegal drugs has long been a clearance killer. But these days, it can just as easily be a matter of taking legal drugs illegally. This is a huge issue.

Security Clearance and dating foreign nationals. If you have a security clearance is their a way you can possibly keep it and still date/marry a foreign national. I was planning on getting out and getting a civil service job which requires a Secret clearance. Jun 08,   If you have a clearance, you must report any reoccuring contact with a foreign national to your security manager/S2. Yes, this includes dating. If I'm your 2 and you 1) have access to the material I safeguard 2) are dating a foreign national without notifiying me the minute I find out I will to yank your access so fast it will make your head. Apr 05,   Dating history could block security clearance. Officials break down potential clearance killers into 13 categories ranging from allegiance to the U.S. and foreign influence to sexual behavior.

Security clearance reviewers are catching on. Even using your own meds properly can be problematic.

My Security Clearance is Being Denied Because of Guideline B: What Does That Mean?

They won't say this in public, but if they see you under the care of a psychiatrist, you're dead meat when it comes to your clearance," Edmunds says. Clearance problems arise "when someone is unwilling to recognize they have a problem, unwilling to follow medical guidance, unwilling to take their meds, and then they start having behavior issues.

If they catch you in a lie, you're totally dead," Price says. But when he later, out of embarrassment, lied about a DUI, he got into big trouble.

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We were able to get his clearance reinstated, but most people will lose their clearance over lying about it, not over the DUI itself. And whatever your secret is, don't think you'll be able to keep it forever. You may get away with it at lower-level clearances, but as you move up the ladder, it's more than likely you'll eventually have to go do a polygraph. They might let you get away with using your wife's pain prescription. But if you lie about it, you're dead meat.

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He couldn't remember exactly the frequency or how many beers he had consumed as a minor," Edmunds says. Sometimes you don't even need to have an incident.

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If a reviewer thinks you're hitting the bottle too much, you can be in trouble. Another Edmunds client lost his clearance because on weekends he liked to sit at home and drink beer and watch sports. There are a lot of people facing issues raised by the Department of Defense regarding Guideline B. The way most commonly employed is that you state that the person you are in a relationship with is in the process of acquiring U.

Dating foreign national security clearance

However, that is not listed in the Department of Defense Directive. It is just something that attorneys in the know, like those at Edmunds Law Firm, have in their pocket of tools. The Directive states that mitigating factors for Guideline B include:.

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Even if it is just a problem with a foreign boy or girlfriend, it could put your livelihood at risk. What is Guideline B really about? How do I combat Guideline B issues?

National Security Clearances. Alcohol & Drugs; Home / Security Clearance / My Security Clearance is Being Denied Because of Guideline B: What Does That Mean? My Security Clearance is Being Denied Because of Guideline B: What Does That Mean? So you are, no doubt, upset. Your new job is put into question because of Guideline B. Attorney Alan Edmunds, one of this country's Best Security Clearance Lawyers, has been in the courts on several Foreign Influence and Foreign Preference cases involving clients who live with or date foreign nationals. On several cases our client lives with a Foreign National who has applied for or . Mar 10,   For decades, security clearance holders and applicants have been asked to self-report foreign contacts that are "close and/or continuing" on the SF form. Specifically, the SF asks: "Do you have, or have you had, close and/or continuing contact with a foreign national within the last seven (7) years with whom you, or your spouse, or legally recognized civil union/domestic partner Author: Sean Bigley.

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Said person, wants to explore the possibility of leaving the Defense Industry and work in the private sector. The private sector company in question happens to be a foreign company Ally and the person will have to interact with a bevy of Foreign Nationals should an interview be granted.

In this case by doing so you would be tipping your hand that you were considering leaving the company.

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Even if there was no change of employment, the current employer would know that you were possibly looking to leave. You are definitely in a unique circumstance. In my opinion, it is always better to be safe than sorry regarding security clearance disclosures. In this case, even though it may tip-off your intentions to leave the company, you may want to notify your security officer of the interview.

Guideline B of the Adjudicative Guidelines discusses your duties regarding potential Foreign Influence matters.

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It not only applies to foreign individuals that you contact, but also foreign businesses. Obviously, any type of foreign business relationship could put you at a heightened risk of foreign influence or exploitation. Also, under Guideline C, a Foreign Preference may exist when you interact with a foreign organization in a way that conflicts with a national security interest.

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If the nature of your work routinely involves sensitive communications, you may want to be very careful regarding the nature of what you disclose regarding your work history and skills. With these things in mind, it would best serve you to disclose your interactions in advance.

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Jan 19,   First and foremost, you need to take this issue extremely seriously.I don't know whether one "date" is is cause to take action, and there certainly is no rule in the adjudication guidelines stating that one can't date a foreign national (many people married to foreign nationals do indeed get clearance). Foreign Influence and Your Security Clearance. Posted by Greg Rinckey. Foreign Contacts. Contact with foreign nationals is one of the top reasons that security clearances are denied, suspended, or revoked. and whether or not the foreign national is someone with whom you are bound to by loyalty, affection, and/or obligation. Jun 24,   The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) reviews a variety of security clearance denials based an applicant's romantic relationship with a current or former foreign national. Often, these clearances are denied under Guideline B, Foreign Influence, because " If an applicant or their spouse has a close relationship with even one relative, living in a foreign country, this factor Author: Ashley Laganga.

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