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Crying regularly, talking about your feelings, and needing affection are totally normal and OK. Is this your guy? Emotional people always lead with their hearts and not always their heads so you might find that your guy asks for reassurance a lot. He talks about his feelings. A lot. Whether you ask him or not, he keeps you apprised of his current emotional state.

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Likely, he just needs a new computer and the taxi driver needs to pay better attention. This has less to do with you, God, or the Universe than it does him. He may tell you how much he likes you on Friday, only to not talk to you until the next Wednesday.

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Sure, everyone likes to be held now and again. At first his sensitivity may be charming, but instead of making you feel like a woman, this behavior will leave you feeling like a girl.

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It doesn't matter if you had a late management meeting, if you're dating a man child you make time to comment on his Facebook post. The attention he's requesting may be very well justified, but a heightened emotional response over the tone of your emails could send your romantic weekend into a frenzy. 6. You're the big-spoon, better. In addition to being very soft and fluffy with his words, a highly emotional guy tends to be very physical. He likes to show you just how much you mean to him by holding your hand, touching your arm, kissing you, and cuddling you-heck, he might even prefer this gentle affection to actually having sex.

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Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix - A Woman's Guide to Men

By Averi Clements. By Sarah Burke.

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So dating a few guys who don't encompass your entire list might be a good idea. [Read: 12 mysterious factors that play a role in emotional stability] The benefits of dating a sensitive man. Yes, there are quite a few benefits of dating a sensitive guy versus a macho man. Feb 04,   However, having been an emotionally unavailable guy for years until recently, I feel like I need to warn you. Here are 5 things that you need to know before dating the . Dating an emotional guy is a strange experience. It kind of makes you understand where guys are coming from when they talk about women and all of our feelings. Before you get involved, let me give you the tips I .

Share this article now! Women, including myself, make a lot of mistakes when finding a man to be with.

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The list that has all the qualities you need in a man. Meaning, you may need to branch out. You also may not like those types of men in reality, even if they seem appealing on your list.

Dating emotional guy

Yes, there are quite a few benefits of dating a sensitive guy versus a macho man. Sensitive guys are usually more empathetic.

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And this often leads to a lot of problems and bickering in relationships. Some manlier men are also great listeners but in general, sensitive men take first place for listening skills.

Sometimes you just need a man to sit back and let you do your thing.

Dudes who are more sensitive tend to be a lot better with communication. This will also make your relationship a lot healthier, too. And you know what they say.

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