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Is anyone able to date this instrument for me? What are the opinions on this instrument? Without seeing pictures or hearing samples of the instrument, I have no opinion. Do you have any info on their coding system in the 70's? How does this instrument compare to what is available now? Does it have a spider or biscuit bridge cone?

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Nice art work too. I broke out laughing when I saw the thread title - I've never dated a Dobro, nor a guitar either, for that matter.

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Dating a Dobro? When dating a Dobro, it is best to first ask her father.

How to Find the Value of My Dobro

First date should be simple, like a dinner followed by a movie. Pretty sure this is outlawed in most countries Originally Posted by PlaysGuitar. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name.

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Dobro made both wood bodies and metal bodies. I bought my 33H right out of the Elderly catalog, when it was kind of a cheap newspaper catalog bound with a couple of staples.

Dating dobro guitars

My first 33H came in with a dent in it and I sent t back to Elderly. I spoke with the women that ran OMI, and she sounded very old on the phone.

I heard many of the OMI were relatives of Dopyera family and they could have been. I was told it really wasn't a dent, but a welding flex mark, which happened in the manufacturing and welding process. My F60 is a Nashville made one.


I bought it from a shop outside of Knoxville. It'as a round neck wood body, and there's not much call for a round neck woodie in TN.

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It was not very costly, but sounds amazing. The last of the Dobro's were the Houndogs, which were initially made in the USA, then they went overseas.

Gibson makes no Dobros these days, and no banjos. I think there missing the boat on this too,but I head a lot of the tooling was destroyed or damaged. National makes a few wood bodies, Deering makes a killer banjo.

I was at a local bluegrass fest a few years ago and one of the shops not local had at least a dozen nice deering banjos to choose from.

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The guy was begging to sell almost anything and didn't want to transport them back home. He had a very lovely Deering Boston 5 string and 6 string I was looking at, which he was selling for under a grand.

I almost ran to the back, but I can't play the banjo yet.

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I actually don't know enough about the banjo to make a decision. I do know a few guys in the area that could give me lessons. I'm still working on the mandolin.

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With a similar dating, I have the same question and experience in buying a used Dobro as Scottdcol, the first post in this thread. I purchased the dobro, with a Dobro logo case about 10 years ago.

Acquaint yourself with the history of the Dobro guitar. The Dobro story begins with the five Dopyera brothers, stakeholders in the National Instrument Company in the s. John and Rudy held patents on instruments they'd invented and left National to form the Dobro Corporation (short for Dopyera brothers). Feb 21,   OMI Dobro: 8 (#)### yD configuration. 8 is the decade of manufacture (8=s). 2 or 3 or 4 numerals in center are serial number for year. Numeral y before letter is last digit of year. Last character is body type: D=wood, B=metal. Doesnt fit because the body type character is first. OMI Dobro: A# #### yyD configuration. Jul 10,   It is the th guitar built during The letter "M" means metal and "B" means brass. With respect to Gibson takeovers, anything that Gibson takes over and builds is patently inferior to whatever Gibson took over. One might be somewhat shocked to see Gibson's prices for Dobros that are made of plywood.

I was told it was the last year before the company was sold to The D is very small in size compared to the numbers, in fact it might be something else. However, it is a wood body.

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I hate to think that I was lied to about the date of manufacture. Can Scottdcol or anyone tell me more about it? Well, this is an old thread and I don't think Scottdcol is around.

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The one authoritative reference on old Dobros is this one. Gain some perspective on your Dobro's worth by considering the factors of age, condition, any modifications from its original configuration, model number and playability.

Higher-end models and older instruments in their original condition will have the greatest value. Note that the original early models that ended production by are very valuable to rare instrument collectors. Those produced in small numbers, such as the early Model 27 with silver-painted hardware and faux wood grain body, the Model Presentation Model and the Model are considered extremely rare and sought avidly by rare guitar afficionados. Consult an experienced instrument dealer or luthier to evaluate your antique Dobro; they stay current on Dobro prices, as older ones are a limited commodity and their market value varies.

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Metal Body Resonator Guitars. Most Dobros have wooden bodies, but Dobro also made metalbody guitars from to only. Regal (which was Dobro's exclusive licensee) also made metal body resonator guitars with their brand name and also the "Old Kraftman" name. Nov 25,   Dating A Dobro General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. Have to admit total confusion trying to determine the build date of a Dobro we have. Another awesome thing is the Gieb Puritan guitar case that the Dobro was in which dates back to the 's as well. The case is in very good condition, and the compartment inside has almost a full set of original Gibson Mona-Steel Strings.

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