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Most bottle manufacturers molded the year into the glass at the bottom of the bottle in 2-digit format. This will usually tell you-within a year or two-when the whiskey was bottled. Generally the earlier date refers to the year the bottle mold was created, and the latter is the year the bottle was made. Most bourbons and ryes had a tax strip seal over the cap up through Bottled in bond tax strips are green; non bonded tax strips are red and do not show the years.

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Front label only has lower right portion of label left. Back label is extremely worn but do see it was bottled by: Greensbrier Bottling Co in Lawrenceburg IND 3 letter abbreviation changednto 2 in Below backside label reads all caps ; federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle.

Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you trying to figure out what whiskey brand it is? Sounds like you have most of the info there already. I just read your article.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

I found it while I was trying to determine the age of a bottle of I. It has a beige tax strip with U. A on both sides, and a five pointed star with five little stars in the middle of the strip which sits directly on top of the bottle.

And to answer your question, yes. The numbers on the bottom provide a lot of clues to the date.

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The bottle date code two digits can tell us an approximate bottle age. What can you tell me about consuming whiskey from these older bottles? Thank you for any help you can offer. The only ones to be weary of are the decanters which might have lead paint. Depending on the time frame, the embossed numbers on the base of 20th-century American liquor bottles actually can be useful.

The number corresponds to a license issued to a particular company, permitting them to sell liquor in that bottle. D-1, on the subsequent photo, belonged to National Distillers.

There were multiple brand names associated with the D-1 permit Old Crow, Old Taylor, Old Grandad but they were all owned by National Distillers if they were bottled under the D-1 permit.

There will also be information about when the bottle itself was manufactured, and who made it. In order to use a mold for more than one year, they had to physically alter the year code on the mold to make it accurate.

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Some manufacturers continued to emboss this information on their bottles even after the law no longer required it, so you may get date codes in this format into the s or possibly even later.

In the first example, there are four numbers other than the D-code. The four-digit number is unrelated to the date. The remaining three numbers are a little difficult to read, but the triangular symbol is the logo for Thatcher Glass.

That particular version of their mark was in use from ca to caso the date code should be a double-digit number within that range - looks like maybe 76?

Dating crown royal bottles

Thatcher had bottle-maker permit 2, which probably accounts for the single-digit number 2 directly over the logo. In the second example, the logo below the number 22 is the mark for Glass Containers Corp. Owens-Illinois, for example, put a two-digit date code on almost everything they made from until at least the late 20th century. This is incredible info. Thank you so much for sharing.

Crown Royal - The Whiskey Dictionary

I have a challenge for you if you are up for it? Nobody and I mean nobody not even the experts can find this brand or when it was made. Where it came from I mean nothing.

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Send me an email if you are interested and I will send you pictures. Great article!

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My dad left us 3 cases of assorted liquor that was stored in the garage. I did not know why he had all this liquor because he was not a big drinker. Josh, this really helped with my 4 bourbon bottles that belonged to a friend.

They are all opened except a Walkers Deluxe pre I wanted to use a cheap bourbon to make homemade vanilla but your comment about lead bottles made me wonder if the opened bottles are safe.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

I do not drink but want to use for cooking as well as vanilla. Are they safe? I have spent 2 hours online trying to find info like yours. Too many ads. Thank you so much. The lead you have to worry about is in the decanters, the bottles should be fine.

Hope that helps, cheers! The laws, bottles, etc. I have a Jim Beam bottle that seems to be about judging by your dating guidelines. It has ml contents, no UPC code or medical warning. It has not beeb opened.

Is it worth anything or should I just open it and enjoy the bourbon? Definitely recommend just opening and enjoying. Cheers Robin! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search this website.

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Search this website Hide Search. Josh Peters July 27, Love the style of those old bottles. John summers November 16, I need help with bottles may you.

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Josh Feldman July 31, Josh Peters July 31, Old grand dad bourbon Four roses Hedges and butler Olde bourbon. Josh Peters November 30, Andrew G October 14, Josh Peters October 14, Volbourbon October 27, Josh Peters November 2, No problem. Have you opened it? Thelma Wickwere September 11, Josh Peters September 11, Thanks Thelma, glad you found it helpful. Greg Bailey September 19, Josh Peters October 3, Meghan McDonald November 5, Always happy to help : Cheers!

John September 21, Josh Peters September 24, Hi John, Sorry to hear about your friend, but happy to help. Josh Peters December 12, Gary Smith December 5, Today was a very great day!

Maynard Call March 25, Josh Peters April 5, Mary Beth B April 21, Josh Peters May 1, Lynn Ross May 3, Josh Peters May 5, Jason chiu May 30, Josh Peters June 11, Essential Distilling June 2, What does Bottle Codes Means?

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The laser codes often found on the side. Steohan July 1, Josh Peters July 11, Travis kerns November 15, David H Buckalew November 16, Josh Peters November 17, Kirk Steer November 23, Josh Peters December 10, John Befort February 18, Josh Peters March 6, Dave Montgomery March 16, Josh Peters March 16, Josh Peters June 25, Tiffany August 13, Josh Peters August 28, John Matusko November 23, Josh Peters November 26, Sue April 14, Sincerely, Sue.

Dating royal crown cola bottles - Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. Join and search! Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and hunt for you. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. There are several clues to assist in identifying the year and distillery of whiskey bottles. Most bottle manufacturers molded the year into the glass at the bottom of the bottle in 2-digit format. You'll often find it in the lower right portion when looking at the bottom (some dates are much easier to distinguish than others). If you have a bottle of spirits but you don't know how old it is, you can estimate the date of the bottle from a few key clues. Once you've figured out how old the bottle is, consider carefully whether it's safe to drink the contents or not. While most liquors will stay safe.

Josh Peters April 19, Hi Sue, Are you trying to figure out what whiskey brand it is? Peter Kuettel June 16, Josh Peters June 16, Hi Peter, Thanks! Michelle July 16, Josh Peters July 20, GlassGirl August 17, Josh Peters August 20, When I first wrote this I was looking for something just like that.

Thank you for sahring! Patricia October 28, Josh Peters November 5, Kym March 14, Josh Peters March 18, I had no idea, thanks for sharing. Most bourbons and ryes had a tax strip seal over the cap up through Bottled in bond tax strips are green; non bonded tax strips are red and do not show the years.

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Blue tax strips were for export out of the US only, but not all exports used blue strips. Below is an example of a bonded tax strip click to enlarge. From on this was no longer required. Below is an example of a style strip click to enlarge. Starting January 1, all bottles were required to use metric measurements ml, 1 liter, etc. Some bottles produced during the transition will show both metric and ounces. If your bottle shows these words, it was probably bottled between and However, some producers continued to use bottle molds with the warning for a few years after; bottles that display the warning have been seen up to This was more common starting in the s.

You can see here this Wild Turkey was bottled in Other distilleries use date codes that are more cryptic.

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