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Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. I love all your writing, keep up the good work!! You would be super cute together. So will you? Originally posted by frostbittensuga. Suga: He would come up with some lyrics that are a bit romantic and give them to saying they were from Jungkook.

But not today. You had been waiting until this moment, when you would finally have another night where the two of you would simply stay in and do absolutely nothing, so you could finally wear this.

You could feel your Christmas spirits rising while wearing an outfit like this. But no one could decide what you had to wear at home. This was your private time, and you could do whatever the hell you wanted and wear whatever the fuck you liked. Tugging a bobby pin inside of your hair to keep all those baby hairs out of your neck you turned around and made your way out of the bathroom. You had been in need of a nice and warm bath after working out, just to wash away all the sweat and salt.

And now you felt totally relaxed and fresh to start the remaining of your evening. Tiptoeing down the stairs you could hear the sound of the micro wave ringing throughout the hallway.

Curious, you bent your head around the corner of the doorway and noticed your boyfriend standing in front of the device in the kitchen, a concentrated look on his face as he watched whatever was twirling inside.

BTS JUNGKOOK IDEAL TYPE OF GIRL (skinship,sexy info,Ideal date, and more!)

The corners of his mouth tugged upwards as he took in your fluffy reindeer outfit. Ignoring his staring gaze you marched over towards the microwave, and peeked through the glass to see whatever he was doing. is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. jungkook bts jeon jungguk jeon jungkook jungkook low quality jungkook material boyfriend jungkook jjk bts jk jk icons low quality jk jk bts icons jk jk jjk low quality low quality bts . Sep 26,   BTS' dating history and personal lives have never been a focal point. Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin have millions of ARMY members across the globe vying for . BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with Jungkook when you are already dating. stubby-the-dean requested: Could I request a reaction of the BTS members trying to set you up with Jungkook, but.

Two large mugs were twirling around on the glass plate, milk starting to rise towards the edge of the mugs as it was starting to boil.

There was a part of you which still felt insecure around him sometimes, no matter how long the two of you were dating. But you knew exactly how you could look sometimes, with your frizzy hair and your dirty sneakers. Yet, he always persisted in telling you that you were beautiful, no matter how you looked. And right now, with your blank face and your ridiculous pajamas, you could feel a part of those insecurities rise again. But you tried pushing them away as you reached for the top cabinet and plucked out the cocoa powder.

And so you stood aside and watched him as he finished up the cocoa with some marshmallows and whipped cream. Your mouth started watering as he carried them towards the living room and set them down on the table in front of the couch. Instantly, as you entered the living room, your eyes wandered towards the huge tree the two of you had set up last week. It looked absolutely wonderful.

But then again, the two of you had put quite some effort in it. In the end you had both been exhausted from hauling lights all day and switching balls for bows and bows for balls. It had been an endless discussion between the two of you about which decorations should go where, but in the end you had both found something you were pleased with.

And not to be forgotten, the two of you had had a lot of fun while preparing your house for the Holidays. You were both a bit extreme when it came to Christmas, and you had definitely taken it far this year by challenging yourself by how many lights a tree could possibly carry. The answer was, a lot. Stockings were hanging by the wall and Taehyung had accidentally decided that it was a great idea to put candy canes all over the house.

Presents had started piling underneath the tree, and you knew you still had many more to buy during the past couple of days before Christmas Eve. No, tonight you were going to sit back and enjoy some great company and some tasty hot chocolate. Without any words you crawled onto the spot next to him, right inside of the hollow of his side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

Not that you minded, you found yourself getting lost in the movie each and every time. Taking a sip from his cocoa his hissed, realizing it was still too hot for drinking. Rubbing your hands across the soft material of your shorts you shrugged before staring back at the TV and trying to keep track of the movie. You should wear it more often. As soon as he felt your gaze his eyes wandered from the screen towards yours, his eyebrows raised in a question. It would look stupid otherwise.

He hummed, as if thinking about that before tugging at your top to get your attention. While you pretended to be focussed on the movie you could see the way his head moved closer to you out of the corner of your eye.

His breath hit the side of your neck and he lowered his cheek on top of your shoulder. Instantly a shiver ran down your spine, but you refused to give in as you continued to stare straight ahead.

consider, that

A smile slipped onto your face as you noticed the way his gaze drifted towards your lips before his head began to move closer, aiming for a kiss. But right before they could touch, you placed your hand against his chest and shook your head in disagreement. Taehyung smiled in mischief, put his hand on top of yours before brushing your lips together.

Cracking an eye open you fought against the urge you felt to squeeze it close again.

waste it on me | jjk

Bright light was shining through the curtains, trying to wake you up from your peaceful slumber. It seemed forever since you had been able to sleep in, and you wanted to stretch this moment for as long as you could. It was almost as if you had forgotten how amazing your bed felt. The Christmas holidays were peaking around the corner, so you knew there were a lot of things you still had to get done. You still had to think about a menu to make on Christmas Day, when your families would be coming over.

And then there was the food which had to be ordered for Christmas EVE. Then there were your decorations which had to be optimized before you could let any friends come over.

As his name slowly took over your mind a smile cracked onto your face before you turned over and faced his side of the bed. Frowning slightly you brought your hand down towards the sheets, feeling the spot had already gone cold. He had gotten up a whole while ago.

DATING BTS A?Z HEADCANON JEON JUNGKOOK A ? Asking you out He was incredibly nervous to ask you out, the boys had to rally around him to grow the confidence to ask you out. He was a wreck, everyone. I do not know Jungkook personally, nor his past relationship experiences, so this is based on my imagination of ''realistic'' only and on how I think it would be like dating him. taehyung l yoongi l jimin l hoseok l seokjin l namjoon he says that he really likes older . Dating Jungkook would include: going shopping with you actually helping you choose good outfits enjoying sitting outside the changing room to see what you are trying on always being %.

It was strange for him to leave without saying anything. Feeling wide awake because of your new discovery you slipped from the bed, leaving the warmth of the blankets behind and stuffed your feet inside of your unicorn slippers on the floor. Shivering softly you quickly grabbed your robe and wrapped it around your frame, hoping it would keep out the morning chill. Wobbling towards the window you tugged the curtains towards the side and looked outside.

Some of the neighbors had overdone themselves this year. Their gardens were filled with all different kinds of Christmas decorations. You could see reindeers and a snowman.

something is. Now

There were hundreds of lights which took on all different kinds of shapes. The two of you had kept it rather simply this year with a big star hanging down in wall above the front door. Turning around you slowly made your way out of the room, out into the hallway.

Sniffing you tried to sense the smell of coffee, but you were left disappointed. Yet, when you got downstairs, the curtains were open, proving he had actually been down here before you. You could really describe the feeling that came to rest on your shoulders as you thought about the fact that he had actually left without telling you anything.

You knew you should be happy to have some spare time. You were definitely going to call him out on this when he got home tonight. Sighing, you turned towards the counter and grabbed a mug from the cabinet above your head. You were just about to switch on the machine when you heard the front door open and close.

Immediately several thoughts ran through your head. There could be an intruder. Your eyes wandered towards your still empty cup, which you could use to throw at the strangers head. Your imagination was running wild as Namjoon came walking around the corner, and you fell back against the countertop.

He got some strange ideas sometimes, but they never usually occurred this early in the morning. You were surprised to find grocery shoppings inside of the. When Namjoon started thinking about stuff, one had to be careful. It could start the most philosophical conversations and keep the two of you up much too late. Tugging up your eyebrow at him you dared him to say that again.

And he quickly smiled at you before grabbing some eggs from the paper bag. So I thought it would be a nice idea if we would bake some cookies together. Opening your mouth to answer him you were interrupted by him almost dropping the eggs on the floor, but he was just in time to save them as the package tumbled on the countertop. And what else were you supposed to do today? You quickly went to grab the aprons, already knowing what kind of a mess this could turn into.

Quickly you thrusted the one with the flowers inside of his hands while you grabbed the blank one. His eyes squeezed slightly, giving you the look which told you he knew exactly what you were trying to do.

Grinning, you knotted yours behind your back. Namjoon was busy studying his phone in the mean time, concentrated written all over his face as he took in the steps the two of you had to follow. He opened his mouth, then closed it again.

Dating BTS Jin I RM I Suga I jhope I Jimin I V I Jungkook A/N: So, I changed the concept a little bit. I hope you still like it Finding out he likes you ? He isn't someone who will fall head over. Dating Jungkook BTS Headcanon This is the first headcanon I've ever done so apologies if it is really bad, if you'd like one for the rest of the boys let me know! Seeing as most of my requests are. waste it on me | jjk ?masterlist? > pairings: jeon jungkook x reader > genre: fluff! + maybe a little bit of angst? > summary: freshman year of high school you were dating thirteen year old jeon young love. it was all fun and sweet until he suddenly left for los angeles without any explanation at all, leaving you alone and confused. ten years go by, you find yourself.

After the quite unforgettable conversation between you and Jeongguk you went back into the hotel. Back to the hall, where the event was being held. You noticed him pursing his lips at the sight, plainly irritated. Having smiled at that, you made your exit. Mere few words were exchanged between you and Jeongguk that night after the almost kiss. You gave him his jacket back, when it was time to climb into the car, and you wished him goodnight, when you got out of the car and went to your house.

However, after saying goodbye to your bodyguard and your driver, when you were alone, thoughts of Jeongguk started flooding in. You wanted to fall asleep quickly and forget about everything, but it was nearly impossible, what with all the images of his lips and all the memories of his cologne clogging your mind.

His little scar on the left cheek kept appearing behind your closed eyelids. You kept on remembering about the way you traced it with your fingertip. You kept on hearing Jeongguk say he would fight for you.

You kept on hearing him say he wanted you to kiss him. Summary: A classmate has been bothering you, so your best friend, Jungkook, pretends to be your boyfriend to scare him off. He shook his head violently, his wet hair sending droplets of water everywhere.

He had just finished showering in preparation for your academically irresponsible movie marathon. You pulled your knees up to your chest. He toppled over, laughing as he went.

Jungkook was browsing through the different genres. As he skipped over the Romantic Comedy section, an idea dawned on you. A brilliant idea. Your friend turned to you reluctantly, recognizing your tone of voice. He knew it meant something bad for him. Then, the creep will get the message and leave me alone. You crawled over to where Jungkook was sitting and latched onto his arm. For your best friend? Plus, you owe me a favour from May 6th, -if I recall correctly.

He heaved a heavy sigh and chewed on his bottom lip. You could tell he was about to give in. He stiffened underneath you-never one for physical affection-and you let him go. You moved back to your original spot, turing back to the TV.

We need to do research.

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In retrospect, you realized Jungkook was right. This was not a very good idea. Asking your friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for the sake of fending off pursuers? Not the best idea. The worst idea. Currently, he had an arm wrapped securely around your waist, somewhat shielding your body with his larger one.

Jungkook was not bothered by the proximity, more occupied with glaring daggers at the boy who had refused to leave you alone. He turned his gaze to you accusingly. You gd as Jungkook lunged forward and jerked the boy back by the shoulder. The spectators eyed Jungkook cautiously, but the boy paid them no mind. He grabbed your hand, interlacing your fingers with his, and led you out of the classroom. Suddenly, Jungkook stopped walking. He pulled you to a stop as well, leaving the two of you in close proximity.

Jungkook bit his lip, but his eyes pierced into yours. Almost unnoticeably, Jungkook took an unsteady intake of breath. Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. Jungkook nodded shyly, a light blush donning his cheeks. A huge smile illuminated your face, and you felt your heart soar.

Dating bts jungkook tumblr

Jungkook returned your smile with a beautiful one of his own-it made his eyes crinkle and showed all of his teeth, and it was perfect. He looked into your eyes, searching. Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this, and I might turn it into a longer one in the future tbh. Hope you liked it!!

Thanks to all the anons who requested it. This is our prompts page if you want to read more from us. Happy reading! It is rather easy to forget about mundane things from your past. Even more so, when these things had occurred at least 17 years ago. You could still remember the smell in the kitchen, exuded from the pots on the stove. And you could still recall the sunray beaming in through the window that would be wiped clean by the house maid three times a week. Your mother, who, at that time, seemed to be the most beautiful and powerful woman in the world to you, threw three handfuls of chickpeas into a pan and let herself think for a moment.

Then, she smiled. You snapped out of your daze. Your grandmother was staring at you with concern in her eyes. Is everything alright? It felt as though there were too many distracting things happening in your life and you were losing control over all of them.

You felt like you were put under the spotlight. Rapper Suga is one of the older members of BTS. Fans also became convinced that V was wearing a ring that Hi had purchased for him. They admitted that though V and Hi were in regular contact, they are just friends. J-Hope minds his own business, and though there are whispers that he was in a serious relationship before BTS-nothing has been said about his personal life since. It would make sense that J-Hope would be focusing on himself and his career.

After all, fans believe that his last serious relationship ended with his then-girlfriend moved on with someone else. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter What's hot. Their IRL Ages View this post on Instagram. Tags: bts BTS army celebrity dating news celebrity dating rumors. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram.

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