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Top definition. A negative person who tends to ruin other people's good times. Don't let Joseph come on the Vegas trip, he's only going to be a wet blanket and take the fun out of everything. Wet Blanket unknown. The term is probably American in origin, first being used as slang in the mid 's. It was meant to compare a person to a wet blanket used to extinguish fires by smothering them, similar to how such a person would "extinguish" fun and excitement in social situations. Another, more modern interpretation of the term likens a dislikable or overbearing person to the aggravating, uncomfortable feeling of being covered by a blanket when it's wet.

It is important to note the continous offenses as a wet blanket can result in becoming a soggy biscuit.

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Zane : "No, you guys always abuse me, I'm tired of playing, I quit! You know what?

Definition of throw a wet blanket over something in the Idioms Dictionary. throw a wet blanket over something phrase. What does throw a wet blanket over something expression mean? If something throws a wet blanket over an event or situation, it makes it less successful or enjoyable. Cool, rainy weather has thrown a wet blanket over Michigan. The Wet Blanket - Jenna J Foxx. k min - p. Stepsiblings sneak up to the bedroom to release their horny thoughts and start sucking his cock! k 8min - p. Sandrayandres. Junges Teeny mit dicken Titten und schonem Arsch wird gerne im Bett unter Decken gefickt. Someone who generally has a negative attitude. In some cases people can become wet blankets because they cannot win the games the others are playing or continously lose, and as a result give up, becoming a wet blanket. It is important to note the continous offenses as a wet blanket can result in becoming a soggy biscuit.

You've done it to much, now you're just a soggy biscuit. Someone or something that could have utility but chooses not to.

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This is from the idea that a blanket could be a wanted itembut is no longer wanted when wet. Mike is a really fun guy but ever since he started dating Sarah he became a wet blanket.

Butterfingers - Wet Blanket (HQ Audio)

I don't wanna be a wet blanket anymore; that's why I'm dressing like a slut. Blumke Hbtl Toxic Spitfire Krolled Planeclapper Slapass Friday Off-colour and on the mend Talking about health.

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Definition of wet blanket in the Idioms Dictionary. wet blanket phrase. What does wet blanket expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. wet blanket; wet blanket, a; wet dishrag; wet down; wet dream; wet noodle; wet one; wet one's whistle; wet one's whistle, to; wet rag; wet sock; wet the baby's head; wet the bed; wet the. wet blanket definition: 1. a person who says or does something that stops other people enjoying themselves 2. a person who. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus. Dating A Wet Blanket Our exquisite ladies are well-reviewed, authentic (what you get is way better than what you see!), charismatic and ready to blow your mind. Prepare yourself for a escort dating experience Dating A Wet Blanket like you never imagined. Are you ready for the treat of a lifetime?/

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People who are boring and old-fashioned. Translations of wet blanket in Chinese Traditional.

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