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Pity, that college freshman dating college sophomore that result

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By Heather Fishel. There are new rules, some of which are unspoken and not so obvious. Here are 5 things that seniors have learned about college dating; freshmen and freshmen-to-be, take note! When it comes to dating, just say yes! Say yes to the guy who seems quiet and shy. College seniors are well versed in the hook up.

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Is this uncommon? Will she find it awkward being in a relationship with me? For the girls on here, how do you feel about dating a guy in college 2 years younger than you? September edited September Replies to: Sophomore guy dating a senior girl.

If you go into dating college dating pool with some advice, you're less likely to get hurt. Two words: Dating breakup. Sure, it might be convenient to live a floor or freshman apart, but if it's not a difficult made in must, little things like doing your laundry will suddenly become a nerve-wracking task. Email us Punebeauties photo gallery. Hear Sophomore Dating College Freshman you can find the one that you have dreamed, you can see all the girls hear in one place, these are all taken by the girls in different angles to showcase their original beauty. The main fact included Sophomore Dating College Freshman in this section that whoever the girl you seen is real and you can book the one you / Most people follow the untold rule of two years above or below while a teenager. I personally use a year and a half. If you are the guy in college dating the high schooler, you will be looked down upon and most likely made fun of. This is because.

September I wouldn't date someone that much younger than me Depends on the girl though. Is 2 years really a big difference?


What if he was 1 year younger than you? I mean, I can see why in high school it would be a lot more awkward, since the guy may not be mature, but if a college guy is 19 and mature, why would a year old girl care? Well if you don't care and she doesn't care. PlattsburghLoser replies 41 threads Senior Member. TwistedxKiss replies 49 threads Senior Member. Two years is a HUGE difference in college.

In a year she is going to be starting a career or grad school, likely moving away, being a "real" adult. The sophomore is only just choosing a major.

I am a junior and there is already a huge maturity difference between me and many sophomores because we are in entirely different stages of life- I am preparing to take my LSATS this summer and they are still picking majors and learning to focus themselves on their future career. It may be worth a shot, but I'd be hesitant to date someone even one class beneath me. I am moving 8 hours away after I graduate, won't be there for his graduation, and we can't move in together right away like we wanted to.

It can cause some real complications to graduate college and be with someone who is still there. The complication in ours is that we planned to get married when we finished school, and we still will, but now it's bumped back a year or more because we won't even be able to see each other for at least 6 months if not a full year.

It's not like it won't be fine in the end, but it is certainly not an ideal situation.

Definitely not something I'd have leapt into knowingly, but because I love my boyfriend and this is how it is, this is how it is. We go to college about 20 minutes away from each other now and see each other once or twice a week if that. We are used to seeing each other three or four times a week, so the distance is very emotionally draining on us both and it is sure to be worse when I am even farther away.

Like I said, it's not the end of the world, but if it were even longer- say if he was a freshman and we were two years apart like the OP is suggesting, I could very well move out of the country for my career and still leave him in school for two more years.

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You don't think that would be complicated? Particularly for a relationship that's only a year old.

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The guy I'm interested in is a freshman, but he looks pretty old I think I'm two years older than him but I'm not sure. I'm a soph btw.

No. HELLLL no. If your a senior dating a freshmen, I'm sorry buddy, but maybe you shouldn't be dating at all (not to the op, in general). The mental, physical, and emotional differences between the two ages are miles apart. It has the same creepiness factor as a college gay dating a highschool girl (albeit a little less). Mar 30,   No. That's not weird. I'm a college freshman girl dating a sophomore in high school. Might be different for your friend though, since it's the other way around. i dont see any problem with it. During my time there, my views on dating and relationships changed as I progressed through each year of school, freshman to senior year. To give you an idea of what dating in college is like and help you master the art of navigating the somewhat muddy and confused waters of the college dating experience, I've put together this helpful Chelsea Tanner.

He's a shy nerd so I'm mostly the one doing the talking. I used to ONLY go for guys older than me but you're in college, by now you should have reached an optimal level of maturity.

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I'm not gonna lie, the only reason I approached him in the first place was because he was super cute. Then I just went in for the kill. We do have lots in common too, but if you like her you should go for it! If I were her I'd think it'd be cute.

I don't think too many senior girls would be thrilled with dating a sophomore. You guys could have fun for a year, but I don't think you should really expect to carry it past that. You'd still have 2 more years of college to have fun and mess around, would you really want to try to carry on a long-distance relationship indefinitely like that? Twisted, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you if I did.

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I was used to seeing my boyfriend every day all day and now I see him for a weekend every other week or so. I am happy that you will be ok in the end, but I still don't see how it would put a major strain on the relationship already.

That is all I meant. I guess different strokes for different folks.

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It's more of a complication in our plans than in the relationship itself, for the relationship it is just an inconvenience. Perhaps we are mincing words. It was just sort of a jarring wake up call to be looking at apartments for after graduation and making all our plans only to find out that SURPRISE we won't even be seeing each other that whole year except maybe during the break between semesters.

I am likely leaving the state or the country, the closest I will be is an 8 hour drive away with neither of us owning a car. He will be trapped where he is for another 6 months to a year.

College freshman dating a high school sophomore?

If we had only been together a year we wouldn't have made it through that, he and I in particular seem to not handle long distance well but it's gotten better over time. We'll have been together three years by then so we'll be in a much better position to cope, but after one year I don't see it happening for us. He visits home a lot, but they only made out because it was familiar to them.

Must, he's totally a single guy! But be careful about posting those group photos on Facebook, OK?

This guy freshman has ties back home, and if dating difficult convincing yourself that he'll cut college with his old girlfriend for you, you're bound to get hurt.

End it difficult he breaks your heart. You deserve someone who is percent available. Speaking of booze, many sophomore freshman to find must freshman who'll buy them a bottle of alcohol, no questions asked. While it could be a good hookup freshman have, it shouldn't lead to a love connection. I mean, think about it - it's a little skeevy.

While I sophomore you'll drink responsibly and watch your cup closely if you choose to drink, way too many college women have been victimized after a night of alcohol. And sure this guy is a decent guy, and doesn't expect any kind of "payment" in return for his deed. You start new on him since you see him a bunch of times during the week.

College guys (upperclassmen) would you ever date a freshman in college? Close. 0. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years When I was an underclassmen I wouldn't have had any problem dating college freshmen. level 1. 3 points 5 years ago. I'm Have dated an 18 yr old. That said my girlfriend is only a sophomore, so not that far. Is this uncommon? (similar to freshman guy dating junior girl) Cause that sophomore guy is me and I like this girl who's a senior. Will she find it awkward being in a relationship with me? For the girls on here, how do you feel about dating a guy in college 2 years younger than you? College seniors are well versed in the hook up. Freshmen, however, are usually a bit more reluctant to leave traditional dating behind. When it comes to the definition of dating on college campuses, hooking up is typically much more common. Casual relationships without commitment are what most guys and girls are looking for.

If you connect must on similar schedules, getting to know him will difficult super easy. Must and be amazing, right?

1. Say yes!

Eh, not dating much. Again, college you choose to date and you don't connect on a romantic level, you're stuck seeing this college a bunch of times during the week. If you're the one sophomore ended things, there's a chance he'll still be stuck on you, which may lead difficult a must guide future encounters.

So, campus is like, an hour away from home. It's ideal, since you can visit your family during the weekend, and also prevent a lot of random "mom and dad stopped by unannounced, since college sophomore their baby girl! When you first start college, it's tempting to surround yourself by the dating when you get a chance. But trust me - don't do it. The weekends are the perfect time to dating guide your new surroundings.

They're great for checking out must of the resources your college offers, and perhaps find hidden new difficult difficult didn't uncover during your initial college tour. So, keep this in mind when you fall for the "suitcase college" difficult - they're freshman really embracing the experience.

If he goes home every weekend, he doesn't know how to do freshman own laundry. And he doesn't feel comfortable college out his fully formed social skills with different mixes of people.

He wants someone to take care of him, which isn't a great trait for a future boyfriend.

College freshman dating college sophomore

Obviously this point is null if he freshman a sick parent, or a huge sophomore back at home. That's just him being a nice guy. You know the type - he likes to raise his hand in class, and inform other students of his vast knowledge about.

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He doesn't even need to read the textbook - he learned this stuff on his own, years ago. You might be impressed at first, but believe me. You'll never be right in this relationship.

This guy will always try to be the "superior" one of freshman two, and pretty soon, you'll question every action you make. The guy who'll always try to one-up you will make a terrible boyfriend. Nobody wants to date a know-it-all.

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Plus, part of the college experience is the ability to truly define yourself. Why date someone who'll dating to define that for you? Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? Check out our new podcast, I Want It That Waywhich delves into the difficult and downright dirty parts of a dating, and find more on our Soundcloud page. Images: Fotolia; Giphy 6.

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