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There are a lot of ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day these days. I mean, if you can abandon the entire romantic undertone of the holiday in favor of Galentine's Day, it's safe to say no one will crucify you for celebrating Valentine's Day in a casual relationship. It's true - Valentine's Day is no longer reserved for couples in love. If you and your partner are into it, you can celebrate the sale of overpriced, heart-shaped candy no matter what stage of the relationship you're at. Want to buy a Valentine's Day gift for your partner of six months? Go for it! You can even spend the day with a stranger you met on a dating app if you don't want to be alone, which is good news for single people everywhere.

Want to buy a Valentine's Day gift for your partner of six months?

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Go for it! You can even spend the day with a stranger you met on a dating app if you don't want to be alone, which is good news for single people everywhere.

To be clear, it's totally OK to take yourself out on a date or to skip Valentine's Day entirely. But if you'd rather join in the festivities with a casual partner, there are a few things you need to know first. For one, it's absolutely crucial that you and your date answer this question before your Feb.

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If you're not in a serious relationship, spending Valentine's Day with someone you're seeing casually brings up the obvious question: "What are we doing here? It ensures that both people know what the other person hopes to get out of the date.

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For example, if you want to spend the night binge-watching your favorite Pam and Jim moments on The Office with this person because you have a similar sense of humor but they've agreed because they think you're the Pam to their Jim, that's worth discussing ahead of time. You can ask subtle questions like, "So, what do you think about Valentine's Day," or, "Do you typically celebrate Valentine's Day? Having this information will ultimately help you determine whether or not it's a good idea to make plans with them and maybe even give you some ideas about what you should do together.

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Valentine's Day is coming up and I feel like dating can get weird this time of year." Holidays are often catalysts for relationship transitions, and communicating openly about Valentine's day might precipitate the end of something. That's OK. If that happens it was coming anyway, sooner or later.

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More Videos. Even a gift as small as a box of candy hearts seems unnecessary to me. Not bad, not wrong, just unnecessary.


One of the main perks of being single on Valentine's Day is not having to subject myself to the special kind of masochism of picking out a gift for another person. Or, at the very least, simpler than a relationship? But I do have another idea: intangible gifts.

Whatever your situation this Valentine's day, make the most of it. Valentine's Day is the day of the year everyone expects you to be dating or schmoozing over someone, for better or for worse! If you're online dating there are a few very different situations you might find yourself in. My husband asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of a poem he wrote for me in my Valentine's Day card a few months after we began casually dating! If you're thinking of making it official, just be sure signs are pointing in the direction that these feelings will be reciprocated. Feb 06,   In elementary school, every Valentine's Day eve I carefully tore out 16 CVS-bought valentines and sorted them into piles: one for boys and one for girls. I Author: Annie Foskett.

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Feb 12,   The few times I've been involved in an undefined relationship with a guy around Valentine's Day, I have still considered myself to be single, and acted accordingly. I've never felt a need to get someone I'm casually dating a gift, or expected one from him. It can be fun whether you're single or taken, but can be tricky for those of us whose relationship statuses aren't so clearly defined. If you're casually seeing someone, Valentine's Day can get awkward. Here's our guide for how to handle your casual hook-up on February You're not official, so you don't have to do anything special. Jan 25,   Should You Celebrate Valentine's Day In A Casual Relationship? You can even spend the day with a stranger you met on a dating app if you don't .

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