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We protect you from the start with our monitoring technology and alert notifications. If fraud occurs, we work on your behalf to restore your identity, saving you time and frustration. Online dating has the potential to compromise your privacy, your reputation, and even your personal safety. But an online dating app will ask you for details, and then their software decides who that information will be shared with. But there are also plenty of people waiting to intentionally exploit that information. People have been known to capture and publish screen shots of online dating conversations, either to brag about their dating prowess or to embarrass the other person.

In this romance scam, a Tinder user coerces women he has met on the dating app, Tinder, into giving him money.

Behind the increase in dating app scams

The scammer who is currently awaiting trial, spent time with his victims before asking for money. The woman obliged and the money never turned up after she loaned it out.

In any relationship, whether it be face-to-face or online, proceed with caution if you are asked to hand over money or personal information without some form of legitimate, legal commitment. Immediately report the scammer to the online dating website and the police.

Identity theft dating apps

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, anyone can use our services, and anyone can help us help others. Choose the email lists you'd like to sign up for below by checking the boxes.

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Jan 29,   Online Dating Scams: More Than Just Your Heart Is at Risk. By Sandra Bernardo. January 29, 3 min read. it's important to realize this is a year-round issue. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) confirms that they receive calls from people who have been swindled by sweetheart scammers throughout the year. an online dating.

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By Sandra Bernardo. How Do Romance Scams Work?


You can protect yourself from these fraudsters by doing the following: Be a tease. There's no need to post all of your information online.

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Withhold personally identifiable information such as your hometown, home addresses, work specifics, phone numbers, educational background and information about your children.

This is also a good idea on social media and any other online profiles in order to keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Credit card fraud. Oct 04,   Home Blog 3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid ID Theft on Online Dating Sites. 3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid ID Theft on Online Dating Sites. October 4, Views. Online dating is a great way to meet people in an interconnected world led by the Internet. You might not have ever met these people in your normal day-to-day life, and are afforded a great. Immediately report the scammer to the online dating website and the police. Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, anyone can use our services, and anyone can help us help others. If you found this information useful, please consider donating to the Identity Theft Resource Center to help us keep our services free to the public.

A little research goes a long way. Compare the information the person provides during your conversations with the information that exists about them online to see if anything is conflicting.

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A person without any online presence is certainly a red flag. You can also search their images on Google to see if they are actually of another person. Get a second opinion.

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Friends and family will often have better radar than you will since they are not directly involved in the romance. Introduce the love interest to a friend and ask for their honest opinion. Hold on to your checkbook.

Identity theft affects millions of Americans every year and occurs when a fraudster steals your identity-by gaining access to your personally identifiable information (PII)-to commit fraud. While ID theft can happen a number of ways, online ID theft occurs when someone steals your digital PII using scams like planting malicious software on. Aug 20,   Researchers have also found that many online dating apps have serious security issues, giving hackers the opportunity to steal your personal information for identity theft, phishing, or even extortion. (Remember the Ashley Madison data breach?) And because dating apps often disclose location information, they can put you at physical risk from. Identity theft occurs when someone steals or attempts to steal your identity and uses this personal information and details such as bank account details, social security or tax file numbers, credit card details or any other financial account information to fraudulently pose .

Regardless of how legitimate the monetary need might seem, deny any requests for financial loans or assistance of any kind. Trust your gut. If something seems fishy or too good to be true, it probably is.

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