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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When Jade allows Tori to kiss her, you know, as a favor, things become a little bit complicated. Especially when they have to play husband and wife on stage. Like Packets, each chapter is a self-contained story although I may sometimes add to them, but they'll be appropriately marked. Unlike Packets, these won't be limited to canon and likely will often diverge from it altogether.

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Jade just finished her 3rd year at Hollywood Arts, and has to get a summer job to afford to live alone throughout the summer. After Cat scores her a job at a local pool in Venice, California, Jade has no choice but to take it. Maybe its not so bad, because there's this one girl. This one girl who won't stop flirting with Jade until she gets a date.

While still keeping up a Jerkass facade, pre-show Jade was less mean than we see now. When Tori arrived she Took A Level In Jerk Because from her perspective, Tori stole everything - her boyfriend, respect and friends. Before Tori arrived, Jade had no competition for Beck's love, was recognised as a good arts student, and had a close group of friends. Jade West; Jori (Victorious) Summary. Tori has a dilemma, and she turns to Jade. but can't get out of. In which Tori and Jade are secretly dating, and Robbie finds out. Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 5 Kudos: 83 Bookmarks: 1 Beck Oliver/Tori Vega/Jade West (5) Beck Oliver/Tori Vega (5) Exclude Additional Tags One.

Hollywood arts has a new problem: vampires. Tori, Jade, Cat, and Andre have to choose as the world around them fragments into Vampires and vampire hunters. Quiet strain builds up in each of them until It's been five years since the Hollywood Arts gang graduated and a lot of things have changed for Jade West, but actually looking forward to a chance to see Tori Vega may be the weirdest change of all. Beck and Jade have been separated for two years but are still pretending to be happily married for the sake of their careers.

But can Jade keep up the charade when she comes face-to-face with Tori Vega for the first time in three years and they start becoming close? On the outside Jade West seemed like a fairly normal girl, aside from her abnormal love for scissors.

Victorious fanfiction tori and jade secretly dating

She had a hot boyfriend, an amazing singing voice, and the best sister ever. They were more different than anyone could ever imagine.

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A game of Truth or Dare leads to eye-opening revelations. Then Tori rocks up: She crushes on Beck instantly - Jade becomes unecessarily paranoid about Beck cheating on her. Then Tori is shilled as 'the best student' of HA - Jade who worked her way up, feels resentful. Finally Tori muscles her way into Jade's group, everyone loves her, Cat and Andre become her best friends and Trina arrives - Jade feels shoved out and bitter towards everyone. Gradually, the anger grows, to the Jerkass of present day, instead of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Tori is Jade's long-term Berserk Buttonexplaining why Jade is so mean to Tori, why Beck dated her for years before Tori arrived and why everyone puts up with her.

Before, she wasn't as bad. It will be a two-part episode. At the end of the first, Beck, determined to do the right thing, asks Jade to marry him.

tori and jade -

Part two will focus on preparation for both the baby and the wedding, until around the middle, when Tori or possibly Cat finds out that Jade just had her monthly and can't be pregnant. She confronts Jade in private, who will start crying because she's sure that Beck will no longer want to marry her if she isn't pregnant.

The episode will end with Tori convincing Jade that they aren't ready to get married yet, and everything goes back to the way it was. She's a younger cousin or maybe even a little sister.

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It's safe to say Socko is old enough to live on his own in Seattle, and moved there from Hollywood, or perhaps Cat, her brother, and their parents moved to Hollywood from Seattle to better accommodate Cat's problematic brother and to allow her to attend HA. The only reason actual meat ever came into play was to ward off the otherwise unavoidable onslaught of complaints from Moral Guardians. And even though this is basically a Bizarro Episodeboth Robbie and Cat have been seen eating meat before, so the idea that they're vegetarians or vegans doesn't even make any sense when Played Straight.

Either that, or she's pregnant. This troper can't figure out the reason for her sudden descent into jerkiness otherwise. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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Victorious - jori jori - tori and jade - tori vega jade west torade torade - i love tags tag Victorious. Ship: Jade/Tori, Jori. sometimes Tori call Jade "Jadey" and I just wanna know if you think she would actually let them if they were all dating. yes!!! incorrect-victorious. YOU ARE READING. Trouble (Victorious Fan-Fiction) (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl) - Tori and Jade's fights are famous at Hollywood Arts. They fight in the morning, they fight at Content Rating: everyone. Tori, Andre, Beck and Jade all took their phones out, and looked for Cat's profile. Tori's face split into a huge grin, while Andre's face was a mixture of guilt and disbelief. A proud smile was sent to the couple from Beck, while a ghost of a smile could be seen on Jade's face.

Beck is a First Guardian. Tori is Lola from Zoey in an "ironic hell". Jade is really Lucy. Dan Schneider has a fetish for punk girls. Any questions? They pair pulled apart when they heard Jade exclaim about the prop being finished.

Robbie turned his body towards the scene, whilst Cat draped her arms over his shoulders, her chin resting on his mass of curls.

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They listened when Tori told the group about Trina having more followers than her, and watched as Jade and Beck left. Robbie stood up, and took the Cat's hand, and together they walked towards the door. There's no point in staying here if we can't film.

jade & tori true love

Together, the pair made it to the janitor's closest, laughing uncontrollably, before they attached on each other's lips. After a short time, the make-out session turned into just short, sweet pecks, as they sat on the floor, Cat sitting in Robbie's lap. And that I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend? I'm lucky to be your girlfriend too.

Apr 11, Browse through and read victoria justice - stories and books. Sign up Log in. -Victorious Show: Oneshot- Jade West, a girl famous for her mean and destructive personality. But one break up can ruin that. The secret service has to come to gather Tori secretly in order to switch lives with Cecilia, the princess of Pequena Isla. Beck's Girlfriend (Victorious Fanfic) - Echo Walker, mischievous, cute, loving, protective, possessive, sarcastic, creative, talented, and Beck Oliver's girlfriend. They have been a long term couple yet act like they just started dating. Jade has been her best friend since very little age #bdsm #beck #beckoliver #fanfic #mature #. "Jade and Tori are dating!"Cat smiles as she clapped her hands. "Really?"Beck asked. Cat smiled. "Well,Jade, I'm happy for you."He said as he walked down the hall. I lean up against the lockers as Jade does the same, grapping my hand. "See you two in class."Cat smiled as she ran down the hall. Jade looks at me and smiles. "Ready?"I ask.

It's not like we're hiding our relationship. After a few seconds, Cat got over the shock. The next day, Tori was looking for Robbie, and Sinjin had told her that he was in the janitor's closet.

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