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Butters had worked really hard on organizing a baby shower for his best friend. Tweek and Craig both announced that they were going to announce the baby's gender during their party. The petite blonde had decided that the best place to hold it was the Community Center. He had the room decorated in a strange way: one half was pink and white, the other blue and light brown. Both colours symbolized genders that the baby could be for part of a little game he planned everyone playing for the reveal. He rushed quickly to his friend and wrapped his arms around him.

As Tweek reads the letter he said that he will give him his laptop if Craig returns Stripe 4 since he paid for him. Craig agrees and sends the player to get the guinea pig. After the player gives the guinea pig to Tweek, Tweek gives him the laptop; but before he can give it back to Craig, Tweek's father stops the player and tells him that he appreciates him trying to help them. At Relationship Counseling, Mr. Mackey tells them that they need to overcome all of this before telling them to fight them.

After beating Expectations, Mr. Mackey tells them that Expectations doesn't go down easy and that there's always more expectations, which brings more students for them to battle. Mackey encourages them to work together if they're gonna eliminate all of the Expectations.

Craig agrees and convinces Tweek that they can do it together, which unlocks their ultimate: Eros Eruption. With the battle won, both Tweek and Craig feel much better and reconcile their relationship and can be played on the battlefield together, and the player can also befriend their parents.

In addition, a mission involves collecting Yaoi art of the two throughout the town. After Eros Eruption, some buddies will comment on the ultimate even Thief Craig but due to a bug, these can be only heard when Craig uses his original ultimate.

There are various cards relating to Craig and Tweek within South Park: Phone Destroyer, but special attention was paid within the Mystic theme to them, with Imp Tweek and Youth Pastor Craig appearing during story gameplay and leading to a popular AU among Creek shippers that has since become infamous in the fandom's shipping community.

The background for the event was even Yaoi art. Due to this pairing's longevity and popularity, it has been subject to a number of small and relatively civil debates within fandom discourse, particularly on

Craig has generally been portrayed as the dominant one in the Creek relationship due to the fact that he seems to be described as more stereotypically masculine, physically and personality-wise, generally being tougher and more down-to-earth than Tweek, who is portrayed with more 'feminine' associated traits as emotional, anxious and fearful.

The fact that Craig is animated as slightly taller than many other child characters also contributes to this. However, in recent years, more and more occurrences of Tweek being dominant have been happening in fanart and - The pairing is commonly referred to as Twigand has gained popularity. However, dominant Craig still remains the most popular version, as is reflected in the episode "Tweek x Craig".

Some believe this may be due to where Craig was announced three pounds skinnier than Tweek in "Tweek vs Craig", thus making him the "weaker" one due to the stereotype that the submissive ones are normally skinnier and smaller. user Ukaisha offered a financial reward to anyone who could get Twig fanart into "Tweek x Craig", but the reward was never claimed. Some fans find the use of application of gender and dominance roles to the characters can lead to narrative problems, especially among inexperienced writers, who may allow role stereotypes to override the character's canon personalities in favor of sticking closer to dominant Yaoi roles.

This is often avoided by more experienced and self-aware writers, but it is nonetheless a common association of the ship. In the DVD commentary for "Put it Down", Trey discusses the nature of the episode as pitting Craig as "logical" and "wanting to problem-solve" and Tweek to being "emotional" and wanting someone else to "feel" with him, and suggests these are usually the roles of the man and woman respectively in a relationship.

This statement was interpreted by some as sexist but many felt it supported the dominance portrayals in fandom. As mentioned above, the canonization of the ship remains a controversial topic with fans due to the ambiguity of their final moment in "Tweek x Craig"'s initial storyline.

Many fans were disappointed the episode seemed to imply the characters resumed their relationship only to make others happy and therefore had their agency taken away from them by others, while other fans felt that the characters' relationship was fully genuine and should be treated as such.

Multiple topics have been started at South Park Studios looking for clarification if the characters are genuinely homosexual, as well as comments on social media. Despite later episodes, this issue remains a point of contention and debate among fans.

Craig being gay for one minute and 19 seconds

The excitement amongst Creek fans since the "Tweek x Craig" episode aired, and even the ensuing controversy itself, have inspired some backlash on social media websites such as cbeebies-games.comwhere many fans who are not as interested in the couple often become overwhelmed with the amount of content that is produced for it, while fans who do like the couple remain sensitive to criticism about its portrayal.

As the characters remain in a relationship in official South Park media since the episode aired, the pairing is accepted as canonical, but the manner in which it was presented and brought into canon, and how this affects the characters themselves, continues to be debated and shapes how many older fans feel about the relationship. It is worth noting that while Tweek and Craig have typically been referenced as "homosexual" or "gay" since their relationship began, particularly by Craig, suggesting they are only attracted to men - however, Craig has had previous relationships with women, both of them seem to be as attracted to Lisa Berger as the other boys in " The Hobbit ", and most surprisingly, Craig suggests an attraction to French women in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

While many fans speculate one or moth boys are bisexual, others believe they may have faked this behavior, or simply see most of these references as relics from before their relationship was canonized. The couple was well-known for many years as the most popular Crack Pairing in the fandom, even by many of its most ardent supporters, and was frequently within the top five most popular pairings at that point.

Since its subsequent canonization, its already high popularity has only continued to rise, becoming arguably more popular in the fandom than Kyman and Stylewith a rather massive amount of fanart and - dedicated to it. It also has therefore taken the status of the most popular Canon Pairing in the fandom, though Creek fics do not typically deal with their canonical relationship, often taking place in alternate universes or after periods apart. According to recent reports, on -

Netmost stories are dedicated to Style, followed by Creek, then Kyman. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. See also: - involving Creek Originally a wholly fan-created pairing, in existence for well over a decade and already fairly popular, it received renewed attention on October 24th,when SouthParkStudios. Contents [ show ]. Tweek and Craig holding hands at the end of "Put it Down".

Tweek and Craig will be really excited to see ya, by golly!

Tweek and craig dating

I wanna see Craig and Tweek! Ruby wanted to see how big Tweek had gotten and to try and rub his belly. She left Ruby to her own device as she lent down and pecked Craig on the cheek, settling herself on the chair next to him.

I wouldn't do that mom! Craig embraced his mother and smiled, "Mom, I'm sooo happy you came. Tweek gently rested his hand over Ruby's. Maureen nodded, then leaned in. You know, Craig, it's not exactly unknown to me of his How is he coping? I wanna feel it kick She nuzzled lovingly into the hand messing with her hair. They were both enjoying life together with their little one on the way. Tweek bit his lip. He realised something.

Read Dating App from the story Tweek X Craig by Power_Courage_Wisdom ((???)) with 2, reads. tweektweak, craigxtweek, southpark. Craig, Clyde, Token, Jimmy Reviews: Tweek and Craig both announced that they were going to announce the baby's gender during their party. The petite blonde had decided that the best place to hold it was the Community Center. He had the room decorated in a strange way: one half was pink and white, the other blue and light brown. Craig is pissed off because Tweek made him look bad when they had their fake breakup. But then Tweek confesses that Craig made him feel "like he's never felt before", and then approaches Craig and says "I just want to fix whatever's hurting you now." Craig looks up in shock, because those aren't the words of someone who's still pretending.

A frown crossed her lips when Tweek said it hurt. I didn't know Maureen jerked her head again, but looked unsure. Tweek's mother came wondering in, and Maureen stood up, going over to Tweek. Hi, Craig. She had stressed a lot over seeing Craig since her last encounter with Tweek, where she had blamed Craig wholeheartedly for Tweek's pregnancy and even gone as far as forbidding Tweek to stay with him.

At the end of the visit, however, she had relaxed and admitted it was her own fault due to not telling Tweek about his condition. She wondered if Tweek had told him about it all. Craig had not enjoyed his last encounter with his lover's mother. He blamed her for pretty much what had become of Tweek. Mary sighed. I said some horrible things But you must realise, I was barely even aware of my son's sexuality, Craig.

I was in a lot of shock, and getting a lot of information. You must understand, I was worried for my baby. You're too young. He would defend and protect him no matter the cost. Tweek was about to say she had nothing to apoligise for when Maureen came up, encasing Tweek in a solid hug. He nervously requited it. Butters had came to the table.

Tweek x Craig

Mary, on the other hand, went to the girl side the same as Clyde and Token. Butters had gotten himself comfortable back at the front door. He greeted the next group of people, Wendy, Bebe, and the girls.

Craig sat comfortably beside Tweek, squeezing his hand gently. The ravenette knew that all of these people showing up was probably wrecking the boy's poor nerves. He's going to explode! Butters has a g-game. That sounds delightful! There were only a few people that still hadn't arrived, namely Stan and Kyle. A small pout formed on Kyle's lips, "But Stan! Pink is for girl, blue for boy. Craig rested his head tenderly onto Tweek's shoulder, closing his eyes to get himself lost in thought.

the truth. Now

This would be quite a long day for the two of them. Hopefully it would take a good deal of stress of their wallets for supplies for their baby. Stan nodded, making his way over to Craig and Tweek. How're you feeling?

Craig cracked a grin, "absolutely, I've never been so excited in my life. Well aside from Tweek saying yes. Kyle smiled at Tweek, "Aren't you excited? Tweek smiled, but an uneasy one. Butters had finished getting everyone seated, "it's time for you to unwrap your gifts.

One side is for all the boy gifts, one for girl gifts. The middle is unisex. Tweek walked up to the table, nervously collecting the first gift as he felt everyone's eyes on him.

He wondered if he was just supposed to open them there, standing. He shifted his own eyes to Craig, silently begging him to get up with him before he had an anxiety attack. He was really starting to regret the baby shower - it was too much pressure. Craig followed his lover up to the present table and wrapped an arm around the blonde. His hands deliberated over the wrapping, before shakily tearing it off, placing the paper back on the table.

opinion you commit

He stared at the gift in confusion, looking at the bottle and pump questioningly. Tweek raised his eyebrows; for when his breasts get bigger? He didn't have any breasts to begin with! His face went bright red from embarassment at Butters saying it so boldy and shamelessly but he went up and hugged him anyway.

Butters squeezed him tightly, "I'm so happy for you two. Open the next one! Craig opened the next on, it was in a pretty golden bag, stuffed with colorful tissue papers. The name tag was from Wendy and Bebe.

He slipped the paper out and began to set out an assortment of different things; booties, onesies, a can of formula, bottles, and a set of binkies. The colors were mostly reds and yellows, both good for either gender. Tweek came over to Craig, and shakily said "t-thanks Bebe.

Thanks W-wendy.

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He reached in and found a large box, which read "build your own baby eating chair" on the side. He giggled, knowing it was probably an expensive gift, not unlike the others. He wondered if Craig was even good at assembling things. He waited for Craig to take out the next thing. Craig selected the next one, which was a relatively large one too. It was from his mother and Ruby. He began to uncover the gifting, tossing paper aside carelessly.

It was a bassinet for the baby's first few months of life. Tweek chose a small red parcel after, getting into the rhythm of ripping the wrapping off. It was a small set of pyjamas with teddy bears printed on it. He read the card. Craig selected Clyde's bag next, reveal an assortment of stuffed animals, and a crib bed set, printed with Red Racer. He small smile appeared on his face.

Clyde grinned back. Token shook his head at his boyfriend's remark, knowing that was a lie. He didn't care though, spoiling his significant other and friends had been something he did frequently. Tweek yawned, then thiefed a large box. Inside was a bunch more clothes. A LOT more clothes, all somewhat unisex. Tweek's eyes glittered as he looked over at Mary, mouthing "thank you" to her.

Craig found another package from Token, and began to open it up. Most of the bags left on the table were from Token and their parents. This one was another bassinet to match the other one. A small grin splay across his face, relieved that had gotten two. Tweek opened the last the last package - it was a homemade blanket.

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