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Apologise, but, scotty and lauren dating confirmed phrase removed

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Five More Minutes is out! Lauren Alaina is our WCW because she found happiness after a lifelong insecurity. Watch out, world! We get behind the wheel with Lauren Alaina this weekend I will forever be a Musician On Call. I feel so passionate about the work that Musicians On Call does. Their mission is to deliver the healing power of music to

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I think they're obviously going to date in the future :3, but they're teasing just for now. They kissed at the finale and he said they've been together since day 1 but on twitter Lauren denied it but i think they r dating. Ummm anyone hear the "I love you Baby"!!

I thinkthey are dating, but they all get really close so hard to say. Also, If she says he may be her bf and he says no more than friends than they are not on the same page already and that is not good LOL.

May 26,   Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina shown singing a duet earlier in the American Idol season are rumored to be dating. Rumors are flying that Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina may be dating. After watching both of them being questioned about their dating, in separate interviews it is difficult to tell if they are being completely honest about. May 25,   It is confirmed that they are not dating but I think that they are. Last night on the finale, they walked on the stage holding hands. Keeping up with Scotty & Lauren has 3, members.

Are Scotty Mccreery and Lauren Alaina from american idol dating? Answer Save.

Is Scotty McCreery dating Lauren Alaina?

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Show more answers Still have questions? I don't and won't know for sure until I meet them and seriously me meeting them is like one in a million.

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Scotty McCreery, the year-old country crooner from North Carolina, won the tenth season of "American Idol" tonight after more than million votes were cast. And something interesting happened at the moment Ryan Seacrest announced the results: the cameras quickly cut away as McCreery hugged - and we think kissed on the mouth - runner-up Lauren Alaina.

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Call us immature speculators, but really - why would the cameras abandon the winner just seconds after he was crowned? McCreery also cryptically told Seacrest, "Me and Lauren Alaina have been together since day one, and we're gonna stay together.

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You're correct, it has appeared that they are in a relationship. It was confirmed about a hour an our ago for me when Scotty took the American Idol prize, he said "Lauren and I have been together since day 1, and I don't want to change that.

He kept looking over at her as well.

I guess we'll have to see where life takes the two! They could be dating, but just because they kissed and he told her he loved her doesn't mean they are.

May 26,   "They asked if we were dating and I told them to ask you!" Lauren, 16, said to Scotty, 17, as they both walked the press line after the show. Nov 18,   Lauren Alaina: Rumors and Controversy. There was a rumor about Alaina dating the American-Idol winner Scotty McCreery. But Scotty has strongly denied and confirmed that he is not dating Lauren. Later on, she also admitted that they were just good friends and even though everyone wants them to like each other, they can't.

They obviously will be really close from being on the show together and spending so much time. You can love your friends without it meaning that. And also by saying that they've been together since day 1 doesn't mean they've been dating since day 1.

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Since they're of similar ages they probably formed a certain bond as friends and will continue to have that friendship.

And I also remember during an interview with Ryan, Scotty said that Lauren is like his sister.

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You wouldn't call someone your sister and then go on to date them. I think we all have to first realize they are still KIDS Very talented kids and yes they have feelings for one another that they are not really telling us but relationships SHOULD always start as a close friendship because those are the ones that will live forever together.

May 26,   No they are not dating. And because of the kiss doesnt matter either because if you think about it every year on idol when the final 2 are a male and female they always kiss. and he did say weve been together since day 1 and we willb e together forever -he said this because they are the youngest and since they are both country singers. they just have a really close . Scotty McCreery is a 26 year old American Country Musician. Born Scott Cooke McCreery on 9th October, in Raleigh, North Carolina, he is famous for American Idol 10 Winner. His zodiac sign is Libra. Scotty McCreery is a member of the following lists: American child actors, American Christians and American country place: Raleigh. Dec 10,   15 Reasons Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina should date, y'all. by Julie Sprankles Dec 10, at am EST Dec 10, at am EST Share This Article .

They have to get to know each other outside of the craziness they have been in for the past what 9months to a year and then see whats happens. PS My best friend is a male and I am a female and we have kissed on the lips before and also in the south guys call girls hun and babe all the time.

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It is confirmed that they are not dating but I think that they are. I read on Yahoo news that the camera faced the audience because they were kissing. Also on one of the results show Lauren was resting her arm on Scotty's leg.

news: Lauren Alaina Confirms No Relationship with Scotty McCreery

How cute! But really good friends don't kiss and say " I love you babe. No they are not read this article.

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Lauren says she does not have a boyfriend.

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