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Just i give up on dating and relationships for that

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Women claim that men are shallow and only want one thing but never even give the time of day to a nice guy with a genuine interest in getting to know them. There are exceptions I am sure, but not very many that I have seen. Classic case of nice guys finish last. First off, no normal guy will want to rush into a relationship. Women, you are jumping ship before it even leaves the port. I understand the possibility of a nice guy turning into a clingy responsibility is scary - but that can be just as scary for us guys - if not more. I am currently in a committed relationship with someone that I love.

I dated him when his son was a baby, too. What the hell is he doing, and how could he do that to me? He gave me and my mom things of hers and showed me all the sentimental stuff that meaned something to him. After 20 yrs, he was finally opening up to me completely. He even said he was a different person, but sounded hopeless and depressed when he said it. He was so less judgemental than he used to be and more down on himself.

Anyway, I made him lunches for work and brought him dinnerjust like he was saying he wanted a wife to do if he ever DID get married. One night we were arguing though, and he called me a feminist, which pissed me off. He also was jealous because of all the guys who reacted to my pic on my profile, so i took it down. Wtf is going on? We were going to get a place together, but he was stressed about having the money for the move and a down payment on a place in timeon top of moving all his moms thousands of knicknacks and finding her dogs a home.

This is why i did everything i could to help himand look how tf he repays me! I even told him i loved him a few weeks before this happened when I had too much to drink. I quit drinking because of that night, and to help myself of course, but a few days after me going completely sober is when he left and never contacted me again.

To think that he had her in his bed the same night i was, and she was cool with it and so was he! He has treated you without respect. Your relationship has ended. The closure that you desire is not owed to you. Allow thoughts of this person to fade.

Done With Love

Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. Determine what you want for your future without him. Do not attempt to reach out to this person. If he reaches out to you in the future, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings.

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Have a great day, Em! I am 48 have never been married and have no kids. I have had opportunities in the past, but I let them go. To me it feels like my time is over, every year I care a little less. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Each person chooses their life and makes decisions that influences their future.

Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Phil! I spend my life with books now and music. Allow your emotional and social desires to influence you in a positive direction. This will ensure that positive people and energy will enter into your life. Focus on your current life and observe each moment. Have a great day, Isabella!

Jan 31,   To the single woman who has completely given up on dating and relationships, but still has the desire for a partner: I want to tell you something. I may not be in your shoes at this moment because I'm now married, but I was once perpetually single. I gave up. I didn't even go out or attempt to meet anyone. I was done. Giving up on dating? I'm 28, and I have given up on dating and relationships with women altogether, and I am honestly glad that I have. Don't give up .

Before the social disconnection of the television, internet, sub urban sprawl, we had a society that was mainly based upon the persons village. It was just easy to find someone back then.

We seem to have a society that says that you are only worthy of a partner if you are hugely successful. Average People have mainly suffered for it. In the meantime, the less successful suffer. What are we to do in our loneliness? But being single is now almost normal. There is no substitute for a relationship and the benefits like sex that come along with it. All humans need love or they become dysfunctional.

Our society is dysfunctional and I think you can trace that to the breakup of the family. Us singles, with no hope of relationships, must fill the gap somehow and hope that future generations will correct this malaise for the sake of mankind. We must find something that we love. We must find something that is a close substitute. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. It is clear that you understand the important of sharing your kindness and compassion with everything in your life.

Please feel free to share more of your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Dan!

I give up on dating and relationships

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Choose to make whatever decision you want with your life.

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You have no obligation to establish a close, intimate relationship with a romantic partner. You also will find no benefit in acting in a harmful manner.

consider, that

You will find that positive energy and people will enter your life by sharing your kindness and compassion with the world. Have a great day, G! I am 34 and I gave up on dating after being in 2 long term relationships one of them was marriage.

You can make whatever decision you feel is best for you. It is certainly acceptable to choose to no longer risk harm by maintaining a relationship. If you decide to change your mind and nourish a relationship in the future, then please share your insights and experiences at that time. For now, you will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life.

apologise, but

Have a great day, Dina! Society cannot dictate people into relationships! Some people give up because mainly they get tired of being constantly seen in an negative way, being hurt, or being discriminative by the opposite sex because they are not part of the crowd. It is a stressful thing that some people do not want deal with anymore, and they rather just give up on wanting a man or a woman.

However, it does not stop these people from valuing other kinds of love like self-love. Plus, society is so messed up that it is a waste of time pursuing romantic love.

Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. We always appreciate when members of our community share their insights and experiences. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Willie! Thank you. Is she going to expect me to take her to a fancy dinner? How many cheap dates can we go on before she ghosts lame out of the blue? Will she expect me to text her everyday?

How often do we meet?

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Does she want me to spam her all over my social media profiles lest I he accused of not loving her? I could go on and on. Just do what feels natural and be yourself. If you talk to her the amount that feels natural to you and she accuses you of not loving her enough, then she is clearly not the right person for you.

Remember, dating is ultimately made for finding a partner to marry, so making every woman you date happy is not actually the goal. Instead, you are trying to find someone who matches your personality and who you can be with long-term. Throughout my life, women made me promises and never followed through on them. One almost got me killed. I now keep my relationships business-like and avoid any personal connection, and live much more calmly and serenely.

Your experiences are valid. Please share more of your positive comments in the future. Have a great day, Neo! Well I as well love women, at one time I was very active in dating and sex. But a few to many bad experiences and the haste it was becoming I just gave it up.

the valuable answer

Men have little to no benefits to committing and a high chance of losing everything. So I gots some hobbies a few dogs and-aid my mortgage of 10 years early.

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It sounds like you have figured out a lifestyle that works for you-congrats! Just most of us hardly ever want what we can have right? That is a lot of good insight-it sounds like you have learned a lot from your own experiences in life. I am sure our other readers will appreciate getting that added insight. Thanks for commenting!

No more! When I turned 30 I decided that I was done asking women out and would let them be the one to take the risk and ask me out. Other than two very obese women who I gently turned down none did. As the years went by I found being single had a lot of advantages. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I think about killing myself every day. I think tonight should be the night. No way.

You are not the problem. People do suck sometimes but keep going. Thank you for allowing my comment. I hate to see people suffer. Hope he is alright.

apologise, but

It sounds like you have figured out the situation that works best for you in life. Good luck! Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Editor Picks. Courtney Pocock - October 20, Courtney Pocock - May 15, You're asking the wrong girls, you're trying too hard to be something you're not Dangling tix to a Gil Dilbert thing is just trying to buy affection Lots of people don't know that Tonya and Tina are twins and have been singing Gil's back up since high school.

They broke up for a while when Tonya married Tommy Turner after graduation. Tina then married Tony Taylor The thing is Do you really think Tommy or Tony could have ever landed the Thomson twins without working smart?

Or getting them pregnant? Well, you understand the point I was trying to make, right? Those little Thomson sluts weren't really very good examples now that I think about it. Never mind. Tellingthetruthwhy Send a private message. Well since it really does take two to tango nowadays which most of the women that are still single themselves are very much to blame for that since they have become so very picky, selfish, greedy, spoiled, and very money hungry as well unfortunately.

Most women now usually want men with a lot of money since they're nothing but users and losers to begin with since they will take advantage of these men that have money just to get the real expensive gifts that they want which is a shame that these men are being used that way to begin with.

Lets face it since this is Not the good old days anymore when finding real love did come very easy back then the way that it happened for our family members that even today many of our family members are still together now as i speak.

Most men and women were very poor back then and had to struggle to make ends meat so the women had no choice but to Accept the men for who they were since Both men and women in those days hardly had any money at all to begin with. But it really was a very completely different time for finding real true love back then since today is a totally different story why it is very difficult for many of us good single men that are still looking since it is the women of today that have really Changed and Not us men at all.

The real problem here is that most women today really care about money which most of us men really Don't care at all how much money a woman makes since they really want to know how much money we make which is very sad. Now if many of us men had been born back then as you can see which most of us really would've been all settled down ourselves by now and would've certainly Avoided this mess today to begin with since many of us men today Aren't Single By Choice.

Focus on money and save your money. Women are still sleeping with you without marrying her, if you have moneyso why relationship or marriage? Gave up dating, waste of money. From what I've read so far, on different blogs, they all say "bitter", is no way to live. It allowed me to lose 30 lbs. It acted like a focal point. I'm a grudge holder, to boot, so I don't belive that "happy" is a necessity, just a bonus.

I won't even try. I've read enough to determine that I suffer from too many flaws, mental, and behavioral issues, on top of not earning enough money, not being college educated, and not having my own place, to make me ineligible to play the dating game.

Too many issues to overcome, too old to change. I mean, life sucks, in general, but I'm still here, going to work 5 days a week, hitting the treadmill, 6 days a week, going to the odd movie, if there is something good playing, going to the coffee shop, for some "me" time, no friends, just me.

I'm not happy about it, but what do you do? That depends on the women, or the men that you are meeting. If you live in a city full of douche-bags, not such a bad idea. I'd suggest that people, especially guys, hold off or take their time with dating. In high-school, in collage, you know nothing about long term relationships, how they can waste your time, or screw your life up especially for guys Don't stop, slow down and stop making it your priority, all consuming Dating is not about getting laid.

The goal is to find that good woman that will enhance you, and your life together Life can be grand or it can suck lemons. Who you choose to share that life with will have great impact on such. Go slow, choose wisely. Seruously Send a private message. Most women are just very horrible to date nowadays unfortunately, and most of them have no manners and personality at all when it comes to most of us men. Feminism is like cancer today that is caused by women.

Insidious Send a private message. Baltimore poet: Women push for commitment like crazy. They want to get married just like before, except now, they have almost zero incentive to STAY married. Women getting married isn't the problem. Women dynamiting the family because "waaah not haaaaapy" or "life is hard and diapers suck" Happily every after?

Women these days are as fickle and flighty as they are stubborn and bull-headed. This is not the kind of person you want to enter into a marriage contract with.

It surprises me more marriages don't end in divorce. How many men out there just suffer silently and drink to deal with the stress. For me, I don't buy women food so they can critique my financial situation and compare my looks to "Chads and Cads". I don't date. I won't ever marry or cohabit with a woman again.

No way.

not deceived

I don't be daddy to some other guys kids and end up paying more child support!?! Um, no. Way too much trouble and pain for what she brings, which sadly these days is just a well used vagina and serious attitude. Sorry, not a fun game. Not playing. DickThrobbing Send a private message. The Zen of the day Men have opted out, ladies.

Men are just temporary Investor alert Invest in catfood companies!

assured, that you

Here is what "intelligent" woman are learning in "Woman Studies" in university campuses. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. We even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs. Reality44 Send a private message.

Most women today unfortunately aren't nothing at all like the old days when they were real ladies back then which most of them really were, and today most of these women are just a real joke altogether which is why many men now are going MGTOW the very safe way and a lot less aggravation too. Women are not worth the headaches anymore.

Online dating is a farce and have to jump through hoops to find a date. I'd rather spend my money on my Harley Davidson, Cigars, and friends.

The social pressures of impressing women and competing for attention are making many men consider giving up on dating entirely. You spend time and money on the song and dance only to find out that nice guys really do finish last. Women claim that men are shallow and only want one thing but never even [ ]. Dec 18,   Twenty five is a bit old, it is possible that something you are trying is chasing them away. Without more details, it would be impossible to nail down what that is. Some thoughts, talk to friends and family, ask them to be brutally honest with you. Jun 17,   If people want to give up on women or men when it comes to dating/relationships, it is his or her right! Society cannot dictate people into relationships! Some people give up because mainly they get tired of being constantly seen in an negative way, being hurt, or being discriminative by the opposite sex because they are not part of the crowd.

I was married for 24 years, divorced 3 years. Edited on December 27, at UTC by the author. Bandita Send a private message. I was looking for information and ran into this article.

It surprises me how many have given up and have allowed themselves to become so bitter. I have tried at relationships but I myself have been tainted from youth with an abusive history growing up. Now that I see more clearly and am more secure and happier in myself I no longer feel that.

consider, that you

When I say clean I mean honest and loyal. I do need to be attracted to my mate. I do need intellectual conversations and he most definitely should have a hobby that makes him interesting and that does not revolve around me. I do like looking good and working out. I go on hikes and do outdoor activities to help my spirit. I do understand love and I know how to give and accept as well. The problem as that after getting over my dark inner pain and am older everyone around me is bitter and jaded.

That in itself makes me very sad. People need to step aside of their superficial selves for a minute. Maybe take time for them to heal and get past the bitterness so they can become a willing giver, listener, lover and friend.

Sal74 Send a private message. Anonymous : "I feel that men expect so much from women and they give so little in return" Whatever! Too many women think the only contribution they need to make in a relationship is to show up, and it's the man's job to make both of them happy. This reply was removed by a moderator. Anonymous : Hahahhaaa I don't want to look like a perfectly made up china doll for him every day.

I don't want to listen to him talk about things I don't care about. I don't want to be his cheerleader. Anonymous : It seems either women my age are shallow as hell or are so self absorbed.

This reply was removed by the author. Anonymous : Very few people will admit to being a taker. Most are not honest enough or even aware enough to recognize if they are. I have no idea if this applies to you, but in general it is pretty meaningless for someone to proclaim that they are a giving person. Anonymous : To play devil's advocate on a few of these: Cooking-Maybe he would prefer to eat out or pop in a frozen dinner or make a sandwich, but she isn't satisfied with that.

Cleaning-Maybe he is satisfied with a lower level of cleanliness than she is Problems-Maybe he would prefer to keep his problems to himself, but she badgers him to share Support-How does she know he is jealous? And what if the situation were reversed, and he was supporting her, would she acknowledge and appreciate it? That's just a few. And you are generalizing from what sounds like your very specific experience.

Do Some Guys Really Give Up on All Relationships With Women?

This is most certainly not the case with all women and all relationships. Anonymous : I have dated younger. I thought I would find more mature women when I got older. Not the case.

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