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The character made her first on-screen appearance on 8 November Wall had three auditions for the role on the show's set in Liverpool. The character is introduced as the sister of Clare Devine Gemma Bissix , who had been killed off in earlier episodes. Grace arrives to investigate her death and get reacquainted with her estranged father Fraser Black Jesse Birdsall. Grace's characterisation initially played her as a ruthless gangster. The character received an extensive character development from Hollyoaks ' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood and his team. He believed he had let Wall down with Grace's original characterisation.

He leaves a note for Fraser to aggravate him about his missing daughter's whereabouts. Writers soon escalated the feud into violence. Grace escapes and Trevor begins a scam selling counterfeit wine. Ray becomes annoyed with Trevor gaining more business and decides to vengefully target Grace once again. Fraser decides to convince Trevor that Ray killed his father. He knows Trevor will try and kill Ray as a result. A Hollyoaks publicist stated that "all hell is set to break loose and these episodes are not to be missed.

Grace's relationship with Fraser is made more complicated when he reveals that he has fathered a child with Tegan Lomax Jessica Ellis. Grace befriends Tegan who is initially wary of Grace.

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She pretends to want her half-sister, Rose, in her life to which Tegan agrees. She invites Tegan on a day out in the countryside. Grace then attempts to bribe Tegan with money to leave the village for good. Ellis told Kilkelly that her character is shocked by Grace's behaviour and refuses to leave. Tegan isn't having any of it.

Ellis said that Tegan realises what Grace is capable of and is terrified of being killed. Ellis and Wall filmed the cliff-top scenes on a cold and rainy day.

Wall was scared that she would accidentally push her co-star off the cliff. Hollyoaks created a " Whodunit " storyline in which Fraser is murdered. Grace was a suspect because her relationship with Fraser deteriorated because of her involvement with Trevor. Fraser believed that they betrayed him and was considering having them killed. Tyler from Inside Soap reported that Grace realises she will be killed unless she take her own father out first.

He asks Trevor for help killing Fraser, who then brings Grace in on their plan.

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Grace is happy to oblige having fallen out with her father. Grace, Trevor and Joe plan to lock Fraser in the vehicle and release poisonous gas to kill him. Grace betrays Joe and plans to frame him solely for the crime and also ensure Sandy dies too.

The plot does go ahead but when Joe realises Sandy is in the limousine he rescues them from death. Fraser is later shot dead and Grace is genuinely angry and upset. She is left with Fraser's business and finances after his death. This makes other characters suspicious of her, believing she planned his murder for financial gain.

Wall said "right after Fraser is killed, Grace is on the warpath to try and blame someone for the crime. Grace has him arrested, the actress reflected that it "is awful, not only has she lost her dad, she's lost the love of her life. She kidnaps Ste and tries to force a confession out of him. He told Kilkelly that "the big thing for Grace has been finding out about her dad's very dark side, as he completely denied her any love. Grace's life has been turned upside down as well.

One of Grace's first big stories was announced in December Grace threatens Freddie telling him that she will harm someone close to him if he does not kill Mercedes for her. He refuses and Grace follows through with her plan.

Kilkelly Digital Spy reported that Hollyoaks had created a dramatic stunt involving a wrecking ball and a demolition of their council housing set.

They added that Grace would trap a character in the disused flats ready for them to be killed in the demolition. Hollyoaks released promotional pictures of the character being showered with debris from the demolition.

Holloaks led viewers to believe that Joe had been killed off in the scenes. Fraser involved himself to ensure Grace was not reprimanded for the crime. He tells Grace that Joe died in the demolition and he disposed of the body.

Fraser decides to bring Grace in on a secret to ease her guilt.

The show aired surprise scenes in which Fraser takes Grace to a private hospital where Joe is alive, but comatose and being cared for.

Joe's mother Sandy nearly discovers the secret after Fraser is careless.

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Then Joe wakes from his coma and Grace considers killing Joe to protect her freedom. It soon becomes clear he has not lost any memories from the incident. Callaghan told Laura-Jayne Tyler from Inside Soap that "he remembers pretty much everything that happened to him at the hands of Grace. Grace is arrested for the attempted murder of Joe and the case is sent to trial. Mercedes and Freddie become invested in watching Grace to make sure she does not get away with it.

Writers played the story to convey Grace having similar power to Fraser. Wall told Laura Withers of Inside Soap that her character has the "judge in her pocket" and pays to fix the trial. She explained that Grace uses skills learned from her father. Fraser taught her that people in power can be paid off. Wall claimed the story showed that Grace appears strong but is "actually prettified" about going to prison. The character avoids a prison sentence when the trial concludes.

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Grace has a prominent feud with the character Freddie Roscoe. Grace knows the alibi is false and is furious that Freddie has evaded justice. Wall told Withers that "Grace has been bent on revenge ever since she found out that Freddie killed her dad. But his release makes Grace "see red" and she wants a "showdown" with her nemesis.

The actress said that at this point in the story Trevor is fed up with Grace and Freddie's feud. He issues an ultimatum that if she wants to start a family, she must leave Freddie alone. Writers included a "deadly turn" in the story, where there fight escalates and Freddie knocks Grace over the balcony and she falls to the ground. Wall said that writers made in unclear to her whether Freddie did it intentionally or accidentally, but noted "it would certainly make life easier for Freddie if Grace were dead.

Grace has to become secretive about her revenge plans as not to upset Trevor who wants a normal family life. Wall commented "It's a bit of a tough situation for Grace, because she's stuck in the middle. She could either be the baddie and get revenge, or she could turn her back, let bygones be bygones and be a family woman. Grace decides on a new revenge plot against Freddie.

Mercedes disappears in mysterious circumstances and the police believe she has been murdered when they find traces of her blood. Flashback scenes aired revealed Grace was behind Mercedes' disappearance and she sets out to frame Freddie for her murder. She plant evidence in Freddie's flat so that he is arrested. In FebruaryMercedes reappeared on-screen in surprise scenes and it was revealed she had teamed up with Grace to frame Freddie for her supposed murder.

The character had been hiding in a villa in France while Grace set Freddie up.

Grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

Hollyoaks released a promotional trailer of new storylines which featured Grace holding Freddie at gun point. In addition they released pictures showing that Joe would also gain control of the gun and aim it at his estranged brother Freddie.

He knows that Grace "has nothing to lose" now and may well kill him. He misses but the stray bullet hits Phoebe who later dies. Hollyoaks created Grace's first relationship storyline alongside Trevor.

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The plot commenced on-screen December when the duo kissed for the first time. Grace becomes jealous of Trevor charming Mercedes in his attempts to con her. When Trevor confronts her jealous behaviour Grace admits she has romantic feelings for him and they get together.

Freddie discovers their romance and tells Fraser about their betrayal. Wood described the relationship as a first for Trevor because he deeply cares and loves Grace unlike his previous romances.

Wall hoped that Grace and Trevor would become the show's "new power couple". Grace's influence on Trevor is positive and allowed writers to showcase his "soft side". According to Wood his character had long hankered for a sense of normality that other characters on the show have.

He said that finding love had changed his character's priorities. Grace had become Trevor's main focus and the gangster business played second. Wood believed that Trevor was understanding of the betrayal because she was grieving. He added that Trevor's understanding was the reason they were able to move on in their relationship.

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Grace wants to begin a family but her doctor informs her the chances are low because of injuries sustained by a gun shot. She decides to try IVF treatment in order to conceive. Wall told an Inside Soap reporter that "Grace doesn't want to be evil any more. Wall said it was a "cute" moment for the couple because they are so happy.

His arrival sends their lives into disarray but Grace does try and make an effort with him. She agrees to go to his school parents evening, but dresses inappropriately.

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In comedic scenes Dylan is embarrassed by Grace's revealing outfit which attracts the attention of male students who begin wolf-whistling at her. Wall said "lets face it, Grace and Trevor are not your average parents, are they? Writers plagued the duo with more relationship dramas such as Grace's affair with Kim and the introduction of Trevor's ex-girlfriend and Dylan's mother, Val Jenkins Tanya Robb.

When Grace makes a harsh comment regarding the death of Phoebe, Trevor is furious and they argue. Val uses the opportunity to spend time with Trevor helping him with house work.

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This makes Grace jealous, who views Val as a love-rival. Robb told an Inside Soap reporter that Val wants to give Dylan a "normal family life".

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She believed her character did not want to ruin Grace's relationship but thought it felt natural to try. Trevor does not reciprocate but Grace finds evidence of their kiss and it causes more problems for them.

Grace forces Trevor to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Wall said it was an example of her character behaving anxiously because she is about to achieve her dreams of a complete family. She does not want Trevor to ruin it by cheating, Wall added "She's probably quite worried all the time that he's going to go off with some beautiful, normal girl.

Trevor is arrested for a series of murders which occurred at the local hospital. He is wrongly accused as viewers knew that Lindsey was the serial killer, dubbed the "Gloved Hand Killer". She sets out to prove his innocence but Lindsey is actively trying to frame Trevor. Wall likened Grace trying to complete a puzzle as she goes out to find clues that lead to the actual killer.

Grace realises that Charlie Dean Charlie Behan knows something about the actual culprit. Wall said that Grace is true to form and behaves "very aggressive", kidnaps him and tries to force Charlie to talk. Hollyoaks cast Vincent Ebrahim to play Big Boba villainous character created to cause conflict with Grace and Trevor.

His arrival came at a time Grace wanted to begin IVF treatment. She added that it threw a "massive spanner in the works" and ruined Grace's attempts to move away from her life as a gangster. Trevor finds a box with a lock of Grace's hair inside and then receives a threatening call from Big Bob.

A Hollyoaks publicist stated that it was "more than just bad luck" and warned that Grace has a bad track record with guns. Big Bob later plan an armed robbery at the local hospital, targeting their medical supplies. The heist goes wrong and many characters end up held hostage in the hospital. Grace is tasked with saving Esther's life and correctly finds some adrenaline to save her life.

Big Bob locates them and once again threatens Grace with a gun. After the siege Grace and Esther build a strong friendship. It was the relationship writers used to develop Grace's softer side. She was happy with the progression of their friendly dynamic, which resulted in the two characters always looking after one another.

The actress also believed it made both characters' stories take a "perfect" path. She also enjoyed working on the relationship because of Franks' funny personality. Grace is told she cannot get pregnant and IVF is unlikely to help. She then shows an interest in Esther's health and her sudden concern makes Esther suspicious.

When Grace leaves Esther alone she agrees to help. The doctor informs Grace that Esther would be the child's legal mother, despite using Grace's egg. Grace is not fazed but Trevor has some reservations.

The surrogacy plan is successful and Esther becomes pregnant. She was happy to be trusted with the story and added that Esther is "too nice" and ultimately could not refuse to help Grace.

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The actress believed viewers that would have never imagined the three characters working together. Early on in the pregnancy they created a medical scare for Esther. When she feels unwell Grace worries and rushes Esther to hospital. Grace and Trevor witness Esther's ultrasound scan and see their baby for the first time.

Wall said "it's lovely, it hits them that they're really going to have a child! There aren't very many warm moments in Grace and Trevor's lives, but this is definitely one of them. Writers began developing a new romance for Esther while she carried Grace's child. Esther invites Grace along and Kim presumes they are in a relationship.

Grace is privy to their misunderstanding and urges them to get together. The character becomes worried that Esther and Kim's relationship will ruin their surrogacy deal. Grace tells Kim that Esther once tried to commit suicide to put Kim off. Esther confronts Grace when she realises that Kim has ended their relationship because of Grace's actions. She later bans Grace and Trevor from seeing the baby because of their behaviour.

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She explained that Esther always knew the baby was for Grace but she has an unforeseen attachment to Curtis. Esther feels maternal to the baby and she had not expected it to happen when she first agreed to be a surrogate for Grace. Franks added that "she's scared that Trevor and Grace are not fit parents.

Producers created an infidelity story for Grace with Kim. A promotional trailer followed which showcased Kim's behaviour intensifying when she begins a diary about her interaction with Grace. Wood-Davis told Daniel Kilkelly that Kim notes down each time Grace touches her and even logs their conversations.

She also keeps a picture of Grace hidden in her bra. Grace is sent to prison awaiting trial for her involvement in the supposed murder of Mercedes. Wall explained that her character refused to tell the truth about Mercedes being alive. She fears Esther will back out of their surrogacy deal if she knows that she carried on her feud with Freddie against her wishes. She believes Grace is the only one to make her feel complete. Kim knows it is unlikely she will get the chance to be with Grace.

Wood-Davis said that it marked the first time Grace became unnerved by Kim's behaviour. Wood-Davis viewed Kim and Grace as an "odd pairing and very unexpected" who bonded over their shared love of Esther. Grace is scared at the prospect of permanent imprisonment and feels vulnerable.

She opens up to Kim about her deteriorating relationship with Trevor because she is someone familiar. But Kim uses this as an opportunity to seduce Grace who responds positively and the pair have sex.

The development lead writers to play the Kim character even crazier over Grace, thinking she and Grace will be together upon their release from prison. Wood-Davis said Kim thinks "she's found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Their tryst makes Grace feel powerful and she does not have feelings for Kim.

Wall added that Grace knows Kim is attracted to her and it makes her feel good while in prison and have a "power-trip". Grace realises that Kim has more power over Esther. She fakes feelings of love for Kim and manipulates her into ensuring Esther is committed to the surrogacy deal.

But noted that Grace has dealt with worse people in her past, "far freakier, weirder people than Kim. Grace soon struggles to control Kim and remain in a relationship with Trevor. She prints out hundreds of pictures of herself and Grace kissing and plasters them on the walls of Grace's nightclub. She manages to remove them before Trevor and Esther arrive. Grace confronts Kim and realises how unstable she has become.

However the pair are caught in bed together by Trevor's son Dylan.

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Grace's problems worsen when Kim turns on Esther and starts plotting against her. Wood-Davis explained "Kim reckons that once the baby is born, the two of them can run off into the sunset with the child.

Fans expressed their support for "Trace" relationship and blamed Kim for trying to split them up. Hollyoaks released a trailer with advance spoilers revealing that Kim would orchestrate a car chase amongst the escalated drama surrounding Esther's surrogacy.

This allowed the actors to act as though they were driving the vehicle despite the stunt man being in control. The car crash stunt itself was filmed separate and actors were not required to be in the vehicles at that point. On-set Wood-Davis said that Kim "is the driving force of it really.

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The storyline was played out on-screen following Esther giving birth to Grace's son, Curtis. Kim returns to the village and asks Esther to take Curtis and leave the village with her. She reveals that Trevor and Grace tried to kill her. He put a stop to it and this leads Kim too gain revenge by taking his son away from him.

Trevor and Grace follow Kim's car and a fast chase begins. But their erratic driving leads to a crash and Trevor arrives on the scene to save Curtis. Wall said the car crash stunt was her favourite storyline from Grace's tenure.

Grace and Freddie from Hollyoaks are a real life couple!

Inthe character spent an episodic block separated from Trevor. The pair break up because Trevor blames Grace for Dylan's death in the car crash stunt. It was reported by Digital Spy that Esther would have "fresh hope" of a romance with Grace when Darren ends their brief relationship. When Grace confides in Esther about her "disastrous love life", she sees the opportunity to reveal her feelings and surprises Grace with a kiss. Grace and Esther begin a relationship but soon develop problems.

Grace has second thoughts about being with Esther because she still loves Trevor. With Trevor in prison Esther feels confident their relationship can succeed. But Esther's happiness is short-lived when she finds Grace's old engagement ring. But when Esther finds evidence to support Trevor was wrongly arrested for murder she is forced to hand the evidence to the police and secure his release.

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